30 Dec. 2004, 11:50PM

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I’ve always cried alone.
No one but me
To dry my tears.
My heart only to be harnessed
By the one who has it…
I have no recourse…
For I know crying is wasteful.
In my soul there is and everbuilding pain,
And I wish I could shed my tears.
But no matter hwo hard I try:
I can not fall myself to cry.
For I seem to like to stay strong for myself -
So I do not cry at all
Instead of letting my body waste away…
In a river of tears,
I write.
I pour my emotions:
Onto a dry, white piece of paper.
Oh, how endlessly progressive my body now builds.
Yet I wish to destroy some strength,
And cry…
Cry my loneliness away.


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that is how i feel a lot of t

that is how i feel a lot of the time

~If we were all the same, life would be boring

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Guess that's the price we pay

Guess that's the price we pay for us guys being "strong"

There's really alot of stuff internalized.