A General Apology to the Gay Community

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My name is Jason, and I am 17 years old. I'm a heterosexual and stumbled across this site while looking for information on the gay community after learning that my brother (age 14) is gay. I read the discussion form topic "Fags are sex-obsessed heathens" and was immediately ashamed of the straight community as a whole because of the individual who goes by "Castaway." I hope the oversized group of heterosexuals who are infected with the deadly disease commonly known as narrow-mindedness don't overshadow those straight people who don't view gay people as immoral or disgusting, but only as normal human beings.

For people like "Castaway," I apologize. Some people just don't get what it means to love your neighbor.

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Apology Accepted.

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Thanx man

"Time is jaded..Seconds tick...but life is eternal"

You've done a great service by goin' outta your way to post this..Things like this renew my faith in the good of humanity and the idea that people are really good inside. Thanx once again. By the way being an older brother my self, i can from one older brother to another that your 14yr old brother is pretty lucky to have you as his older bro.

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How may have already answered this but just how old are you?

PS:I have 7bros and 2sis, hahahah (blended family, ie step,half. etc... not inbreed (thank god i would have killed myself alot earilier)

PSS:Suicide is bad, dont do crack!

PSSS:LOL 3 S's!!!


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"Time is jaded..Seconds tick.

"Time is jaded..Seconds tick...but life is eternal"

i'm Seventeen this saturday December. 4..Can't wait. Check my profile if you wanna noe mo' 'bout me. Or just AIM me at Vertixx.

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There are actually nice straight people. That came out
sounding really really bad but my experience with family
and some closed minded friends has made me stray
from being friends with straight people...Hum

I was stuck inside someone else's life and always second best
Ashlee Simpson "Shadow"

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no apology necessary

You don't need to apologize for something that's not your fault. I'm glad that there are people like you out there, and your brother is lucky to have someone as accepting as you in his family - it's exactly what he needs at this point in his life.

"Sometimes a little brain damage helps."
-- George Carlin

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*eyebrow raise*

Wow. I am so just...impressed that you posted this. I don't even know you but who cares- you're an incredible person and your brother's incredibly lucky to have you.

love is an artform slightly removed from its element- Saul Williams

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Wow how nice!!!

Wow thats so sweet! but its ok you dont have to apologize for other narrow minded people outhtere! its totally awesome that youre so accepting of your brothers homosexuality!

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Thank you for your ability to accept. It means more to some people here than you know. :)

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I accept your apology on beha

I accept your apology on behalf of all those not as open-minded as you. Thank you for your kindness (and I guess, some measure of bravery) for posting this. You are further proof that people can be awesome.