advice on being shy...

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i think i kinda hit on this my first post...but i'm really shy. i like this girl that i don't know at all (she's in advanced pe cause she's a sophmore and i'm a freshmen) and i have no idea how to start any conversation. she has a girlfriend, and i wouldn't want to come between them- i think part of it is just wanting to have a lesbian friend i can talk to about stuff. can someone tell me how to start a conversation without looking really weird? lol

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i can't start one either...

I always seem to fail at those things. I end up talking so soft that the girl I like doesn't hear me, or I say something really dumb. so I really have no idea either.

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Just try to be her friend first

Make some small talk about PE oryour classes. Once you get to know her better then you'll know if she's interested.

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don't worry

To start, just say "hi." Talk to her about PE teachers, people you both know, anything you think you have in common. Just remember that you are worthy of a great friendship and she doesn't think you're stupid.

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