(As generic as possible) Hey!

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I just want to introduce myself. I don't know how things go on this forum but here goes:
Hey. My name's Kyle, 18 year old psychology major from West Virginia... gay.
My computer is out of order, so until my brother fixes it, I'm stuck in the library.
The only thing that means is no IM.

Say hi if you're so inclined.

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well hello, im vince 16, junior, and gay lol. i am also very into music. but anyway nice to meet you, i have been on this site for a little over a month i think, its a fun-loving web community.

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Well Welcome

I am 18 years old a freshman in college from ohio and I am
lesbian. I am more into music than anything else
my major at the moment is Journalism but I don't
know who long it will stay that way

How Could I be mislead to me ya'll are both dead...
No sense in being loud you found your own way in,
now you can find it out JC Chasez "Slept with my best friend"

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Welcome to oasis. I'm a gay/bisexual (not sure which yet) teen, and oasis is a cool place to discuss everything going on in your life and give/get advice from others.

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Welcome! I am 14, Gay/bi (sti

Welcome! I am 14, Gay/bi (still not sure) and i live in Hampshire, UK

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Welcome to Oasis :)

Hi Kyle! I think it's cool that you're studying psychology because I absolutely love that subject. Do you know what you're planning on doing with your major?

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Hi there!

Welcome to you,
Hope you'll have fun!
And keep posting, we want to know more about you!

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Hi Kyle,

I'm one of the old warhorses that hangs out here; you know, the one who says, "Well, back in MY day...."

I'm a 22 year-old Music major living in Oregon with my boyfriend. And those rumors that you'll probably hear about me...they're all true. :-P

Anyhow, welcome to the site.

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Hey, Kyle! I'm new, too. I am sixteen-year-old femme bi girl. Since I have come out to myself, this website has become a staple in my life, because it is one place where I know I will be loved and accepted. I'm glad you're part of it!

-lucky star
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Hey, I'm Pete, 23 year old blue collar queer presently making my home in Minneapolis, trying to make money to go back to school. As Jazzer so eloquently put it, I'm another old warhorse around here (I remember when it was a magazine...). Anyway, don't fret yourself too much about forum propriety, we don't truck with that too much around here. I myself tend to post mostly when it's late and I'm drunk, or it's early and I'm super-tired (like now). That having been said, welcome! Hope you hang out a while, find your niche around here, as it were. Good place, good people.

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Back in the old days

"(I remember when it was a magazine...)"

Ahh yes, the good old days. I tell ya, I remember when I found Oasis when I was a sophomore (maybe even a freshman) in high school. It sure helped me out.

Kyle, Oasis is a wonderful source of info, people to chat with, or just a neat place to surf. Back in the old days, it would come out once a month, and there were no forums like we have now. We've come a long way. Ain't that right, Pete? ;)


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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Well I dunno

Ack it been far to long since i've been here, but either way ummm here i go. i'm 14yr old bi (well atleast i'm "Bi" for now, but why the hell do we needs these labels, One more thing (kind of interesting) the greeks didnt even have a word for homosexuals, it was just seen as normal (course they ran around naked alot....). Anyways my AIM is Barralai, and my email is Barralai@yahoo.com!
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Hi, I'm 15/f/questioning (but not in a self-hating way. Just waiting to figure myself out). I'm a sophomore at a small, public, suburban high school in MA and trying to survive the next 2 1/2 more years... :)

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hey, I used to post here all

hey, I used to post here all the time, but not so much anymore.. but anyway, Im a Junior in college in Rhode Island, 20, and I usually just identify as queer, or non-straight, I hate labeling myself beyond that. I was a graphic design/interactive media major, but im in the middle of transferring and most likely will be switing my major to Game Design. So that will most likely put me back to being a sophomore again, or maybe even a freshman.. either way, I'll definitely end up a super-senior. So yeah, I guess thats my intro.