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Tonight, I attended my second SPECTRUM meeting (that's our gay/lesbian/bi/trans student union). It's cool to be able to meet some new people, considering that when I got here I didn't know anyone outside my household except for some of my mom's colleagues. After the meeting, we headed to a cafe/hangout and socialized, but there was this guy there who had also attended the meeting who was a certified creep, whom I will call "Snazzlepants."

Snazzlepants was at the meeting last week, too. I just assumed he was another student, but he apparently is not. Last week, we played a game called "Trainwreck," a musical chairs-type game in which one person stands in the middle of the circle and says something about him/herself, and then everybody who has that in common has to get up and try to switch seats. The game can get somewhat "dirty" after a while. Anyway, after I and several of the others left kind of early, the people still there decided to play another game of Trainwreck. Apparently, it was this guy's turn to play, and what did he say? "I've fondled my straight friend while he was asleep." Needless to say, nobody got up. Later on, at the cafe, he was going around trying to get all these guys' phone numbers, and he asked something like five different guys (including me) if he could go home with them to "hang out." He has a crush on one of the other members, and he apparently called him on the phone about 10 times in a single day, and gave him a Christmas card with a message in bad handwriting that said he hoped they could be friends and "maybe more."

Anyway, I've met creepier people than Snazzlepants, but oh my god... This guy is basically a perverted stalker type, so I pray that he never asks me for my number (though I have a boyfriend, so I have a good excuse not to give it to him).


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"I've fondled my straight fri

"I've fondled my straight friend while he was asleep." Needless to say, nobody got up.

- I know it's creepy but holy shit i thought it was funny.

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Well, okay, I thought it was kind of funny, too.

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