Debate; jetski fraud

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Ok. A lot of things happened today. Firstly, I got great SAT results. Secondly, we lost the debate. Thirdly, I spent most of the day with friends. Fourth, a guy tried to swindle me twice about fees for hiring his jetski.

The debate went reasonably well, I guess, although my team lost. In case you don't know, the motion was "Religion has done more harm than good". As I thought would be the case, my speech supposedly lacked passion, but everyone said it was good. Afterward we had finished speaking, the debate was opened to the floor. That was more fun, particularly when someone would come up and say something easy to take apart. e.g. "Since religion has inspired so much good art, don't you think that this makes it good?", to which I replied "Since wars have inspired so much good poetry, does this mean that they have done less harm than good."

I went to the beach with about ten friends of mine. We played beach football with these other guys there, and then went jetskiing. The jetski me and a female friend were on capsized, and the key was lost. We climbed back on, and couldn't start it again. The people renting the jetskis left us in the water for about half an hour, before they finally decided to come out and give us another key, so that we could go back to the shore (half an hour after we informed them. When we returned a guy in charge tried to make us pay an exorbitant fee for losing the key. My female friend, being such a great person, simply said she wasn't paying for it, since I was driving the jetski. As much as it pissed me off, I really couldn't be bothered to fight with the bastard or the bitch over something so petty as money. He also claimed that the others bought a second 15 minutes usage by not returning when time was up (my friends say they didn't see him waving to them). After negotiating the price of the key down, all of us paid the guy for everything.

We walked off. We hadn't gotten far when the bastard and his associates called us back saying we still hadn't paid for one set of jetski fees (because this jetski supposedly belonged to someone else). This was complete BS. We argued with them for a while, and I convinced everyone to walk off and some of my friends suggested we call the police. Unfortunately, they followed us, so we started arguing some more. The bastard said I gave him 100 bucks only, and he gave 40 change, when I remember specifically giving him 120. Then I revealed my ugly side and started cursing the lying bastard. I told his associates not to do business with him, in front of him. I said he was cheating them by taking money meant to go to them. Some of my teachers were thankfully on the beach, and we asked them to help us. I took out my wallet, and showed that there was only one 10 buck note in my wallet, not the 4 he said he had given me. Then we left through the hotel, and they dejectedly didn't follow us. I think, and hope, it started to dawn on the other guys renting the jetskis that that bastard was a cheat.