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well, it's official. i hate life, and aparently, it returns the favor. sigh...
well, i'm dealing with it as best i can, and everyone's being really supportive.
i'll tell you all if i start to think about ending it all. but don't worry, i'm
not quite there yet. :) it's not about being lesbian (i'm totally cool with that),
it's just life in general. sigh... (you know, i don't think that i've ever posted
anything that didn't have a 'sigh...' in it. wierd...)

(or, with some reconstruction, meat:) )


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Well, hey, I'm feeling quite

Well, hey, I'm feeling quite the same... So, if you ever want to talk, message me on here or aim at neverchosethis.

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Yep life sucks

So spend it well.

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How to deal with it....

Here's what you need to deal with it:

* Good friends
* Good food
* Good booze

In that order. ;)

Buck up, kid. Believe me, we all go through it. Don't forget, a lot of people get kinda down around the holidays, so just stay low, and the clouds will soon pass.


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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Hey i feel the same most of t

Hey i feel the same most of the least you can admit your depression. Maybe you will be smart and get help. Me...i am to scared of change.

~If we were all the same, life would be boring