Explosive Desires

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I'm going crazy these days. I wanna scream. I wanna shout. I wanna pull out my hair. But I wanna lick, I wanna taste, I wanna run my fingers thru her hair. I want her to be mine so bad but i dont know how to make that happen. I wanna lay her down on my bed and kiss her body from her lips down to her thighs. To feel her fragile body move to actions of my tounge would make the vains in my body explode. I wanna give her pleasure to the heights of which she could've never dreamed without me by her side. She's what I need but she's not sure if i'm what she needs. Only if she gave me that chance. I would take her hand and try to give her the world. Let her breath, let her live, let her know she wouldn't have to share me with a soul. Every time I see her face, when I gaze into her eyes and when she gazes into mine is when I know true bursts of confusion.


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Amazingly enough I know exactly how you feel.

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i know how you feel...but wow that was pretty hot haha sry