Freakin strange dream

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Holy hell. I dreamed I was a guy.

Not only was I a guy, I was screwing my ex, Jenna. It was more than freakin strange. It was disturbingly scary. (I wonder if that's what it feels like for a guy IRL?) Wayyyy too detailed.

OK so there was that. And then halfway through my dream, I switched bodies and turned into me, and there was still wayyyyyy too much detail. (Yeah I know exactly what that feels like. I didn't expect it in a dream though.) No clue who the guy was. (Josh, maybe.)

Man. I still don't know what to think about that. Does this mean anything, and if so, what?! Help! Mayday! S.O.S.!!!!


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Weird dream night

Amazing. I had a weird dream last night too. I was dreaming about the girl i like. I was sitting somewhere, and she came up and kissed me. It felt wondeful...

" Love, as long as it hurts no one"
Annie on My Mind, by Nancy Garden

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freaky freaky sucky sucky ...gee that was uncalled for but

i have no real advice except that i agree that your dream is weird!!!!!!

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