Getting Up & Wiping the Dust Off My Ass

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Hello Oasis-

life is weird...currently i have to really try hard these next 2 weeks to be a productive indidvidual starting i know i bitch about it but i cant start just yet or rather i just need to get it down on feelings in a blog i love and a place i love as yes..finals are coming up in about 9 days...during which i will prob shit myself....and cry and whatever....So yes its my time to prove myself that i can do it all and bounce back from this mood state that has me zombie going to rape all my finals including chemistry.... :) and so now the thought of kicking ass and doing good is making me feel better

today in class genius girl who really is awesome made me feel better ...cause i was angry about my exam...ha shes like.."do u think youre gonna member this exam in 20 yrs..? " now maybe it was her expression but she showed genuine interest in trying to make me feel better and i was like thanks ..i feel better ...we have a take home quiz coming up she said she would help me..i said i would pay her lol...but for rizzle i have to do good on ha she wants to go on a was a joke..but shes funny...i said when she is giving her nobel speech she has to thank me...she said she would "i want to thank cnn* for easing the tension during chemisttry and making me laugh.." sighs*

anyways i know i can make it cause im the type that is smart but i just dont do it sometimes and well my current situations havent been encouraging me to work work and more yes life is going to be ok if i apply myself a little :) and im gonna be taking off yes i cant come in i have alot of hw..bossman..

hmm so yes sexuality fine with it...and my mom is much better...and once school is up for the sem im going to explore and see whats up in bmore lol...find myself... find something and someone or something.....who knows either way im excited im also thinking i might road trip somwhere with some gf's and dan..he he.. to go snoboarding....yay!!!!!!!!

..what else..oh yes my dorky life in relationship stupid at this crap i always will be i need someone to take care of me and teach me how to not be retarded when it comes to these things... oh oh oh oh and i did it i imed the girl from my psych class!!! who i want to take to spectrum.....shes not gay but shes an avid supporter ....and so i might go this sem on the 7th if i can get the courage but i know im going to the icebreaker at the beginning of next sem...yay!!!!

and so i had suspected of a friend being i have learned that my 2 other friends thought so too!! who knows it was funny as balls though....maybe she is i think she likes me...shes sweet but um yes.....not my type....not in the physical sense but we are both headstrong as friends i dont want to think about what it would be like if we were together itd be crazy...shes smart and an awesome worker though she would whip me into shape and teach me self

um so yes for now thats it...but idk the next bit of dec is gonna be rough but im gonna make it ..i have to ..and im gonna be stronger by the end hopefully..

love you all

BTW- ami got kicked off survivor i was so angry about that too....