Gotta Let It Out

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Friends? Well, in the very appropriate words of Simple Plan- "I think I've got a lot of friends but I don't here from them." See, the thing is- we used to be close. To begin with, we were a four- but when one friend became a lot sluttier, and started putting us down, we drifted apart from her especially when she started hanging with another group of girls who had previously been insulting us,
For a while, we were an even closer three, and, although we felt bad for our ex-best friend, we were OK. After a while, ex-friend stopped being so bad and we became friends, although never as close as before. I was happy with the arrangement, and started to get on really well with all three mates like before.
Now though, I never hear from any of them. They live in the same town- whereas I live in a village about a mile or so away. I’m not as into the same stuff as them though. Our music tastes have changed- they prefer hard rock and make me listen to it- but when I try and get them to listen to Katie Melua or Scissor Sisters (my two non-hard rock favourites) they just refuse and switch the CDs to their own choices. This means that I’m not invited to the concerts they go to, which I don’t mind too much, but they talk about them for months before and months after- by which time they’re ready for another concert which takes up all conversation. Our old chats about stuff we all have in common are forgotten.
I know my geek loves of Star Trek/Wars, Buffy, Red Dwarf, Monty Python, X-Files, and Jonathan Creek etc. are not to their tastes at all, so when I talk to other people with the same interests- my friends complain and say that I’m ‘neglecting’ them. The thing is, I’m not someone who makes friends easily. Before Secondary School I was a loner, and I’m used to having acquaintances that I like but don’t really have strong feelings for. I don’t think I could ever drift from my friends, even if we’re not getting along as well as before. I’m just too close and I’ve told them so much that I couldn’t bear to be alone anymore. I just feel that it’s since I came out to them that this has happened, but I don’t want to have to choose sexuality over friends. I don’t see why I should have to.
Oh, and I have tried telling them how I feel, but I just get the old “We like you just as much as before


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Yeah you should try making new friends

Does your school have a gay-straight alliance or are there any youth pride organizations in your community that you could join? People in those groups are generally friendly and supportive. Generally the easiest way to make friends is to join clubs or organizations to meet new people. Almost all of my friends are people I've met through band (I'm a dork too) or drama at my school. Feel free to email me at or aim me at Amc41631 if you need someone to talk to. Oh yeah, and don't let anyone tell you you're a nerd. I love Buffy and Scissor Sisters!

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Sadly, our school doesn't hav

Sadly, our school doesn't have any GSA- and I doubt we'd ever get one started due to the homophobia around. I'd love to chat to you sometime, thanks for the offer! Buffy and Scissor Sisters rock :-)

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