home sweet home

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Whew. After about 44 hours of traveling I've made it home :-D. All in all it went well. I almost had to pay $110 due to a too-heavy carry on, and one of my bags missed the plane from LA to Denver, but it's all right. I didn't have to pay the money and my bag eventually made it.

It's good to be home :) I hung out with my best friend for awhile the day after I got home and will be going with her tomorrow morning to pick up some CD she wants from a music store.

My girlfriend called at about 7:45 this morning :-P Despite the early hour I was really happy to hear from her. I'm soooooo excited because it's almost definite that she's going to be spending about 10-12 days with me down in San Antonio while I'm down there visiting my Dad & Stepmom. :: does a happy dance ::

Okay, well I'm going to keep this short b/c I'm tying up the phone line... I'm glad to be back here, lol...even if I was only gone from Oasis for a few days. Did anyone miss me? :-P



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love is an artform slightly r

love is an artform slightly removed from its element- Saul Williams

I did, heck, still do! Glad you got home safetly and woot woot about the gf! That'll be loads of fun! hope to talk to you soon.