how to talk to guy at

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where to start okay. This guy at work who just started seems kinda gay and everytime im there to get food or whatever oh yeah i work at mickey d's anyway he stares at me or the day he was being interviewed he kept looking at me. yeah so i think he's totally cute and i wanna get to know him better the problem is i don't know if he's gay or not. i've tried little things like one time i kept looking at him waiting to be caught he caught me staring and he just smiled and shrugged. what the hell is going on. help me.

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i might be a bit young to ans

i might be a bit young to answer this sori. this is my answer for everything write him a letter or wait till he talks to u. sori if i dont help

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do it casually

talk to him casually... dont just run to him and yell out, "HEY DUDE ARE YOU GAY???" for 3 reasons 1 that will draw attention and 2 if he is it may make him uncomfortable and 3 if he isnt he may get offended and want to fight you or something... so try to be-friend him and then one day when its just the 2 of you bring it up casually... try something like (pretending his name is Chris)... "So, uh, yeah Chris there is something I've been wanting to ask you..." wait for him to ask you what it is then say something like, "Now if not i dont want you to be offended but, are you gay?" (or ask if he is homosexual... i know some gay guys who dont like to use the word gay for some reason)... but then that way you get your answer and he doesnt get hurt... oh and btw... most homosexuals have what me and my friends call a gay-dar... its usually right about ppl... so he is probably gay, bi, or questioning himself... good luck keep me posted.
^_^ DONT hate diveristy
EMBRACE diversity ^_^

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quit acting soo gay and just

quit acting soo gay and just be friends with him...
you'll find out soon enough.always assume that they are straight.
it'll keep you from getting hurt. or you can always do what i do...
get him drunk and suck his cock. ALL straight guys love blow jobs!
and sooooo do i!!