Im confuddled....

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I think my friend thinks I'm a lesbian. I really dont feel like writing down the whole conversation but basicaly she's all "I wonder what its like to be a lebian" and then goes on for a while about how she doesnt know. then when she asks if I understand I ask her if she s just crypticly asking if I like girls. she SAYS no, she would just ask but then she all "Im not homophobic" and then the conversation ends.

It all feels highly sureal. not helped by reading "amghegorey", I'm sure. ("A is for Amy, assulted by bears"; "B is for basil who fell down the stairs"... and so on.) but yeah.


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You've read that alphabet?!!?

You've read that alphabet?!!?!?!?! I LOVE THAT THING!!! It's so horrible because you find yourself laughing at all these little kids dying . . . . I couldn't help myself, and then I thought, "What kind of sick person am I?" . . .

Yeah, it seems like your friend is hinting, not-so-subtly, that she thinks you are a lesbian. Or maybe that she is a lesbian. I can't really tell. But there's some sort of hidden thing there.