i'm happy!

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for once, i was really glad to be with my mom. here's the story:
you should know: i'm out to my parents, and they are mostly okay with it.
however, they are a bit uncomftorable talking about it, especially my mom.

my mom and i were doing some shopping, and we happened to pass by the movie
theatre. i mentioned that i wanted to see Alexander. (it's about Alexander
the Great, who was homosexual) my mom said, "I don't know Maggie, there's some
homosexuality in it. i'm not sure if i want to expose you to that." she was
teasing me!!!!!!!! i couldn't believe it. clarification: she was joking!!!
about that! i am so happy: it felt so good. we were on such good terms with
eachother that she felt comftorable not only talking, but teasing. my mother
never-let me say that again-NEVER teases anyone, and definitly not me. wow...
who would have thunk? for the first time in weeks, i have seen the sun.



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Good for you! -Hugs-

Your mother might finallt be 100% okay with your sexuality. Yay! ^^
"You haven't come to terms what it means to be a lesbian." -Cece Goddard from Keeping You a Secret

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if she is, that would be really cool!!!

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