i'm still alive

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hi folks, i'm still here! sorry i haven't been on for a while, i've been sick.
i feel rotten right now, and it's not just the cold, it's in my heart. i have a
friend who is not very happy right now, at least most of the time.
i really wish she could be happy, and i want her to be happy. but, as susan,
my counsiler, says, i just need to hold their pain, i don't have to be the one
to fix it. 'But i WANT to fix it!' i say, 'i want to make it be better! I want
to kiss the booboo and make it go away!' it's hard, to just sit and listen, and
not speak up with a solution. it feels...wrong. i feel like i should be doing
something to help, not just sit by and let her cry. it hurts me! i don't like
to see my friends hurt. i really want to make it all better...but i know that's
not what she need. i would be doing it so I would feel better more than i
would be doing it for her. what i need to do right now is to sit with her,
and let her know i'm here.... we're only 13, why is life so hard?? why do we
struggle so much? where did the care-free days of my childhood go??? why am i
so alone...?

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I"m thirteen, as you are and

I"m thirteen, as you are and I don't know what's happening either. How did everything change so fast, with such brutal swiftness. I guess we'll assimilate but for now, life is hard. I know I'm still trying to find ways to deal. Luck to you then.

Four things cannot be hidden; love, smoke, a pillar of fire and a man striding across the open bled.
-Freman saying (Dune, Frank Herbert)

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thanks, it makes me feel better to know that i'm not the only one. and i hope we all grow out of it, 'cause if we don't, the world is going to be worse off than it is in a few years.

"Only you can decide what path to take. Only you can decide who you want to be. Others can give advise, they can guide the foot, but only you can chose where it falls."