losing it (whatever 'it' is)

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i totally lost it last night. i just broke down and cried. i HATE it when i can't hold it in any more. i feel like i'm falling to pieces... i've kept everything
inside for so long...so i can't talk. i feel rotton. sometimes the only reason
i get up in the morning is because people expect me to...and that feel really
rotten. i'm supposed to be a peer counsiler at school, but i'm the one who
needs the counsiling, and i've got a counsiler who i really like. life sucks...



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Just have to find that reason

Just have to find that reason to get up. Don't let it be expectations. Look for it. It'll probably make you feel better. Really hope you find it.

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thanks. it helps to know that i have people rooting for me, even if i don't know them.

"Only you can decide what path to take. Only you can decide who you want to be. Others can give advise, they can guide the foot, but only you can chose where it falls."