Night Comfort

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It was February, and we were all in bed in the Austrian house. Our teacher had already checked on all the girls, and the room was in semi darkness. Exhausted after 6 hours of skiing and swimming, and an hour of ‘fun and games’, most of us were sleeping. Apart from two. Me and her.
We shared a bunk, you see. Best friends, but with some unease between us. We’d taken to fighting - ‘wir kämpfen oft’, as the Austrians say. But, as I lay there, I could hear sniffing, and I knew something was wrong.
Quietly, trying to make no noise, I stepped out of bed, inwardly cursing the cool wooden floor. I found the pack of tissues by my bed, where I always kept them, and then, clutching them tightly, climbed the three step ladder connecting our beds, connecting our private spaces. She hardly noticed my arrival, as I stood there, puzzled as to why she was crying.
I pulled the covers back, and lay down besides her, my hand reaching for hers. She looked at me, but not with surprise. Maybe she heard me moving? I wasn’t very concerned about her expression - I was more sad to see tears on her face.
I silently took out a tissue, and wiped her cheeks with it. She lay on her side, clutching her old teddy, and I pulled her to me and hugged her. Her feet were freezing, and her hands felt clammy, holding mine under the quilt. I pulled the blankets over us, and she shivered, and held me tighter. It was uncomfortable, her lying on my arm, but at least she knew some one was there for her. She was still crying, now gently hiccupping, but at least she wasn’t alone.
No words were spoken. We were simply there, and I was simply being a good friend to her. As the minutes went by, I felt her breathing slowly returning to normal. She stopped shaking, and was now barely crying, only sniffing.
She was like an angel, I thought, with her pale skin and dark hair, from what I could see in the dim light provided by the snow outside. As we were there, huddled together, it occurred to me I should leave, before any one saw. She was nearly asleep then, with her eyelids closed, no sign of the tears. I sat up, sleepy myself, and kissed her on the cheek innocently and chastely, not betraying what I wanted to do instead.
She stirred, just as I was leaving, untangling my self from her. I could have stayed there all night, in my own heaven, but I couldn’t, for fear of embarrassment the next morning. As I climbed down, a voice whispered to me
‘Thank you.’ I grinned, though she couldn’t see me.
‘No problem’, I replied. Still smiling, I feel asleep, safe in my own bed, no one with me, at least not for that night.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This is not the same girl mentioned in my other story. Most of my stories I hope to publish only relate to one girl, as I write them for my friends and other people. Please comment if you do/do not like it.

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I like it

And yet another day of pretending your feelings don't exist... It was good, a nice snapshot of a life. I liked the mood of the piece, but maybe there should be a little more inner-battle-ness. (Sorry, the editor coming out in me.) Keep posting!

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Aw shucks....

Thanks! Glad you liked it. Will try and do some inner battleness, but don't hope for too much! I've only just starting writing about how I feel, so it may be a while before its really good stuff (I hope).

Love Possum Girl

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