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A silly little poem I wrote yesterday.


I fell in love with your girlfriend.
I’m sorry.

When she realizes it
and takes my hand by the dip n dots
at your baseball game
in three months
(you’ll steal second and I’ll steal her)
please, Patrick…

forgive me.


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LMAO. HA Damn...good shit good shit

maybe this is a bad time for this quote.."Don't hate the player hate the game"


Your my sunshine after the rain
`to bad its still rainin babe.
--A kidd

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That's awesome

If homosexuality is a disease, let’s all call in queer to work. “Hello, can’t work
today, still queer.

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This is pretty. I really like the conciseness of the words. YOu say so much with so little. I love your writing style!

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I'm gonna say to you what eve

I'm gonna say to you what everyone says to me...Stop apologyzing when you've done nothing wrong!

P.S. awesome poem!