Saw the tsunami

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Woke up late this afternoon (about 1pm) because I was out clubbin with my brothers and cousins last night. My bro had hurt his back while dancing, so he and my mum went to a clinic. Then shortly afterwards, my mum called up and said that there was some sort of flooding outside the clinic. This was strange, because it hadn't rained. I thought that it was just a burst pipe. When they returned, it became evident that it was the result of a tsunami. The clinic is near the shore, there had been a tremor this morning which my cousin had noticed in his apartment, and I had just read on how an earthquake in Sumatra had caused a tsunami to go to Sri Lanka. Such is what can happen when the tide is high, with a full moon.

My two brothers, my parents, and I went down to have a look at the damage. We saw boats overturned and in pieces. Railings on the sides of paths were brought down. The river was flowing away from the sea. Much of the island was flooded. Ambulances were rushing up and down the road, about one every three minutes or so.

We went back home, and my brothers and I went back out, because one of my brothers wanted to provide medical assistance (he just received his medical degree). We saw dead bodies lying on the sides of the road, covered up. By that time it was too late, so we went further on to one of the outlying villages to see the situation there. When we arrived many villagers were taking their boat engines (their most valuable possessions on the boats) away on motorbikes. The mud and silt had been deposited at least 4 metres above sea level, but the water had already receded. We saw sea slugs and fish deposited alongside the river. Some villagers found sting-rays on the banks. As we were about to go back, we heard some commotion. A small wave was going upstream the river. It was about 30cm above the river level, and going in quickly. It went past and the level of the river rose quickly - about one metre in half in minute. Fortunately, that was as high as it got that time. We drove off and went back home.