Telling first female friend

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I had free periods at the end of school today. A female friend of mine and I were walking together. I was walking to the mall and she was walking home, but the path is the same most of the way. We talked about prom. I advised her to go with my other friend (he knows I'm gay but is still a bit homophobic even to me; he fancies her). She said that even if she were going, she would be going with her ex (who is coming back from uni to see her). She asked who I was going with. I'm going alone. She asked why. I said that it was because living here, no one would be willing to accept me going with any of the guys I wouldn't mind going with. She was a little shocked to find out for the first time that I'm gay. But she seemed to take it okay.

I told her not to tell anyone yet, and she said she wouldn't. As we parted ways I said bye. A short while later she waved bye, and when I didn't notice she called out a good distance. This struck me as particularly... caring, considering that most people I know, myself included, wouldn't bother too much. I guess that must be a positive sign. I didn't plan on coming out to her, but during that time I decided that it would be safe.



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Sounds like it went well even though it wasn't planned.

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