the hurricane in my head

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This is my first entry on this site. I joined because i thought that maybe,if i could just get in some kind of contact with other people my own age, who
may or may not be going through something i am, i could feel better with who i am-or who i am becoming. Not that i really expect anyone to read this,
but maybe it will just help sending my thoughts out into the void.
I am attracted to a girl. Before i met her, i was attracted to the idea
of being with a girl. I daydream so much about love and relationships,
and all i seem to be able to dream about now is me kissing another girl...not
a boy, but a girl. And i'm okay with that-i'm just not okay with how others
will act towards me is i tell them. I want to figure everything out before i
officially "come out" to anyone-but i can't even seem to do that.
I don't know if i am just bisexual or actually lesbian. Am i supposed to
pin point it like that or just go with the flow of how i feel?
I have these grand thoughts of meeting someone i can share this all with.
That's probably why i brought myself to sign up at this site-i think i will
meet someone just like me who i can relate to and who can help me work things out.
Most of the time, i expect too much, or wish for too much.
I guess now that i have a public outlet for all this stuff-i have filled my journal
to the end debating myself about my sexuality-i can type it all here,
and hope for some help. If anyone wants to write to me, feel free. I'll be back
here soon to rant some more.


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go with the flow

Hey, and welcome to oasismag.-cool icon by the way-. Oasis is a cool place to share your feelings and have people going through the same ordeal communicate with you. there are a lot of us (i think i've been here long enough to say us) here who are still wondering exactly what we are. so- join the club!

*The probability of someone watching you is proportional to the stupidity of your action*

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Hello, and welcome to Oasis! You sound just like I did a few years ago. I don't think it's that important to have such a definitive title for your sexuality. Many people aren't sure, and I am one of those many. I am attracted to girls, and I consider myself a lesbian. The day I get with a guy hell will have frozen over, but it could still happen. :) What is really important is that you accept yourself. That is what will really make a difference if and when you decide to come out. Also you don't have to come out to everyone at one time. I think it's easier not to. The people you tell might surprise you and be more accepting than you expect.

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Are these feelings new to you

Are these feelings new to you or have you always had them.