What Else? In Love With My Best Friend

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Alright. I've decided to post my Alan poetry collection. I wrote these last spring, when I was way in love with him. It's all poetry about a girl dealing with unrequited love for a guy--I know that. But I figure by other people's posts, most people here have dealt with unrequited love here, and a lot have fallen in love with their best friends. I would appreciate comments, too. :)

Oh, and during April of this year, Alan started going out with one of my friends. (They're not together now...)

So without further ado, here we go...

November 2003: "Stay in the Dark"

I’m in love
It’s a hopeless love
One he would not return

I’ve been in love with him on and off since adolescence started
It’s like an outbreak of pimples
I can’t help it
And if I could, would I?

When I’m with him
The love is a mass of golden colors
Water with sunlight shining through
The love pushes to get out, pulses against my skin
But I firmly hold it inside

Show no sign of it
Our friendship would be ruined if
I let this unruly outbreak of love show

I don’t think I’m his type of girl
From what I’ve heard about his crushes
Oddly, I think he knows me too well to think of me that way
I’m like a sister or cousin
Not a woman
If he knew how I felt
Our friendship would become strained, uncomfortable
If it continued at all

I’m in love
It’s a hopeless love
He will never see the colors
Of my love dancing in the sun
I’m in love
Stay in the dark

March 2004: "In the Dark"

In the dark
The safe dark
The dark she had chosen for herself
She cried
Where no one would see her
Where no one would comfort her
Where no one would scorn her
She cried

The light
Was so close
But too far too reach
Such a great distance to go
In the dark
She cried

April 2004: "Limit"

We stood
In the dark
A streetlight dimly reaching
Us from across the street
Our differences lying neatly
Between us
Our similarities shrunk away
From the difference
Taking refuge inside of us
To its limit?
The difference did not move
It would always be there
A pile we could not breach
We stood
In the dark
For a while
And then
We turned away from each other
Walked away from the street and the dusty dim light
Our differences
Where we left them
For our return

April 2004: "Truth"

What is the price of truth?
What is the price of change?
What is the price of unending pain?

What is the price of truth?
What is the price of clarity?
What is the price of being able to see?

Truth is
Where you can live unmasked
In a world of splendor and freedom
For the only thing that ties us down are our lies

Truth is
Where you can live in seeing pain
No longer letting yourself believe
For what ties us down
Is our love

May 2004: "A Prince's World"

I’m even in love with your love
With the way you love her
Your devotion
To her
The way you smile
At her
Her gained confidence; her happiness
You are truly a prince
I don’t want to take
Her prince
But I want
The love
She has
I want
Her prince
But what I want
Doesn’t really matter
They’re off in their own little world
I’m off watching them in my little world

I wish. . .

September 2004: "Inescapable"

It won’t ever end, will it?
I am incurable,
In love.
By now I should know that
Change is impossible.
But always I pretend I am what I am not:


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nice writing

really good! I especially like "in the dark", "a prince's world" and "inescapable".

*Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one*

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Good stuff. I like "Stay in t

Good stuff. I like "Stay in the dark" the best.