When you like someone, you....

Flirt like an oversexed orangutan in heat
13% (6 votes)
keep your big mouth shut
52% (24 votes)
ask your friends to ask him/her if they like you
7% (3 votes)
pronounce your undying affection right then and there
4% (2 votes)
act cool and uncaring towards them
24% (11 votes)
Total votes: 46


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unfortunately the second

I have only told one person that I liked her (and that did't go quite so well). But for the most part I keep my feelings to myself.

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I haven't really gotten a crush on anyone in a few years.

But the second one sounds like me. I'm the person who admires them from afar.

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None of those

Well...i don't really do any of those when i like someone. I don't tell them, but i do tell the ppl i'm out to (*ahem* person...) but i don't act cool and uncaring, i guess i just become their friend... and try not to be too obvious about it.

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no one

it kind of depends on how much i like them. i've never really liked anyone, and the one person i did like was homophobic. so, not them...

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Well, is it just me, or does no one really do those things? I mean, Im not a huge flirt... but someone knows if I like them... I normally become friends and see where that goes. There's really no reason IMHO to act "Cool and uncaring" or to "Keep your big mouth shut". so... I talk to my friends, and once in a while I confront the person I like, if I think it'll be worth it.

It was a fun poll to do though! keep em' coming!

Well, there ya go!