why do people need to hurt others to feel good about themselves..?

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why do all these people who are higher up on the the teenage social status scale(bull shit i know...), feel the need to make themselves feel better about the own mediorce stints of time on this god damned orb. and when said people are away from 'the crowd' they act all different and apollogise about being so big a retard, that they just go along with what everyone else says, just to fit in, cause the feel like its the only way they can be happy and feel good with themselves. WHAT ALOAD OF SHITE!!!! you are who you are, dont try to make your self any better by making others seem worse!!!


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They are like that because, a

They are like that because, as you said, they feel that their life is mediocre and pointless, and the easiest way to make oneself feel better (though definitely one of the worst ways) is to demean others to help oneself think that at least the other people's lives are more meaningless. People do this because they don't care to find positive ways to enrich their lives.

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but isn't there a better way

but isn't there a better way of going about trying to feel good about yourself...???

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