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Everyone has a contribution to make to the world...everyone includes
every single person in the world-how many times have you guys heard
that?I will personally contest to hearing that at least 48 times
in my life. And when I was younger (starting at 5), I remember making
plans of recycling paper and soda cans, collecting money and canned
foods for the local homeless shelter,singing and dancing at the
elderly nursing home across the street, passing around "Save the Earth"
buttons to all of my friends. I remember I had a dedication to helping
endangered animals, the poor, and the elderly. But what happened...I
think I know-I grew up! I became encompassed by my equally
materialistic friends and wrapped up in my own life. Suddenly the newest
reality tv show and whether my new mocassin shoes matched better with my
turquoise shirt or my emory collared shirt. And then over this became more
important than everyone else. Christmasbreak I realized something was
missing in my life...almost like there was a hole in my chest. So, then I
remembered my younger years and my fight for a cleaner environment and the
warm smiles Mr. John and Ms. Jan had on their faces after my encore of the
song "Let There Be Peace On Earth."

So...my plan? Well, I'm tutorting special needs elementary students once a
week after school. These are kids that need a mentor in their life. And although
I selfishly like to fill the emptiness in my self, the kid I spend an hour with
once a week is also filled with a sense of self and someone to honor and help him
through the roughness of life.

So...my point? You too can help yourself by doing something simple to help
someone else. Find a hobby, passion, or activity you enjoy and use that
task to help others! Happy Searching.

Love you guys!!!


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That's a good idea. And a hap

That's a good idea. And a happy, positive post, which is nice to see around here (not that my posts are very positive). Thanks for making me smile on the Monday back at school!

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Hey, that's great. *stares* N

Hey, that's great. *stares* No, that's amazing, actually. My younger brother's a special needs kid in elementary school. I know what it's like, he spends time with an older kid for a couple of hours a week too, and he seems to enjoy it a lot. Applause for bentgurl03.

"What does an eternity of damnation matter to one who has experienced for one moment the infinity of delight?" - Baudelaire