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Even though I have now technically joined this site, I feel I have
been a member for quite some time. I have read most of the users'
random journal entries, rants, and poetry. The forums are
always...interesting to say the least. So now I feel I have a worthy
contribution to make to this community.

Well, for a description of myself: I'm an 18 year old senior in high school.
I will be going to college next year in Arkansas. I am "out" to most of my friends,
though not all of them because a few them I feel could not handle it. My best
friend in particular is extremely homophobic and although I have been working
on expanding her horizons, especially in the subject matter of sexuality, her
progress is slow. I am single though I am "talking" to a few people. I am a
perfectionest as well as extremely picky not just about food but about pretty
much everything. My hobbies are playing softball as well as track and field.
I play pick up football with some of my friends, go to movies and party. My
demeanor is usually an uppity, happy one. I do not feel the need to fall into
depression or sadness. I usually view issues in a broad sense (I see the
forrest but not the trees). I am a good listener and a good friend. So, I'm
the friend that people confide in and wants advice from. I am extremely
extroverted and friendly. I have no problems dancing...anywhere! I am a musician.
I jam with my friends on guitar and sing. We're starting a band soon. Honestly,
I feel somewhat awkward saying this because I might be a minority here, but in
school I hang out with what some people call "the popular crowd, the valley
crew, the snobs." But maybe by me sharing my life with you guys, I can split
some of the stereotypes of that crew in everyone's high school. So, next
time you're snickering at the ditzy blonde in the front, you should double think
your reasoning-she may very well identify herself as being in the same
sexuality community as you belong to. Because as you know, us ten percenters
are everywhere :) Well, I'm going to wrap this up now, leave me a comment with
whatever you feel is neccessary or hit me up on my email address

Love you guys!! <3


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Welcome. Are you from Arkansa

Welcome. Are you from Arkansas? I have lots of family from Arkansas...not too much happening there from what I can tell. Though they do live in a really small town. Oh yea, Stewart is awesome.

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Welcome to you!

Hi there! Welcome to you!
I'll keep reading you!

Hope you'll have fun reading the entries and comment them as well! take care of yourself,

* Do not say: I'm a cutter and i like it, because you have no reasons to be proud of that. Say: I was cutter and i am Proud of having stopped.

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Stereotypes are overrated I mean I was part of what would be called the core elite of the school. This is the groups that does alot of volunteer projects that we run for the school. No I'm not saying student council, But I mean the various other events that the school runs is run by us, I.E. trips funding events assembly, stage crew. As such we get that label and with the number of times we are on stage the school generally knows us.

But in reality we are a large mix of people everyone has their querks and sure we like the spotlight but it's really what goes on behind the scenes that's interresting :-)

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Welcome to Oasis

I'm glad you decided to join. :) That friend of yours (the one who is "extremely homophobic" as you put it) sounds a lot like some of the people I hang out with, so you're not alone in that respect. It's frustrating and depressing but I hope one day you'll get her to see the light.

And as far as stereotypes: Pssh! Who needs 'em?

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Welcome to oasis!

My girl friend was shock when I came out to her that I was bi, I mean it was pretty funny, she thought I was a total "boy checker outer" haha and boy did I prove her wrong. I mean we all come in different sizes and shapes right? I mean a girl who loves fashion who can dress could very well be bisexual or lesbian. Oh and with your friend who is homophobic well I have a friend like that and well I think it's pretty cute because sometimes me and my friends pretend we're lovers just to irritate her but in the end all of us laugh about it even her. And no we don't do that kind of like making out or stuff. Give her some time, maybe she'll become more openminded


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Softball rocks!!

Welcome! Looking forward to all future posts.

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