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maybe i do post too much.but its
what i do.i try and relate but i
dont think i can handle my life anymore.....


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I love you! I love ppl who po

I love you! I love ppl who post! I love everybody actually! Especially myself! I do not have a big head either it's just a narrow doorway.

*A fairy came to me in the middle of the night, sprinkled magic fairy dust on me, tapped me on the head and said "I dub thee gay"*

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I love people who post, too! :)

Keep posting!!!

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Keep posting sillybilly, i mean sillylove

Damn it...I sooo said the exact same thing a few hours ago (that you should post as much as you like)...where did it go? I swear someone stole my post because i distinctly remember doing it...
I'm afraid i'm losing my mind...blip blip blip

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Oh! you guys...

ok ,seeing as you guys care so much.thanks alot....

"All you need is love..."- It lifts you up and then throws you down like a rock on cement floor....