Close Call

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I officially hate my school’s librarians. If I’m ever a librarian I’ll let kids go on chat sites after school, on their own time. Especially someplace like Oasis. That’s very important for queer and questioning high school kids. OK, so here’s what happened:

On Tuesday afternoon, I went in the library after school to go look at Oasis and relax a bit. I looked around a bit at the posts and stuff like I usually do. So I was on Oasis, and the school librarian there suddenly goes,

“What are you doing, hun?


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That's why it pays... keep a spare window open, with google on it. Then just press alt-tab and switch to it if someone else approaches. Of course at my school I would never visit a site like this because the history would get recorded and associated with my username.


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Oooh that's a good idea

Thanks... I'll do that for next time. Though I don't think I'm going on Oasis at school again. I just don't like the library much anymore. That stinks that they record your history. I don't think they record ours, or I would have heard about it. But now I'm wondering...

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that sucks

yeah my school's librarians are evil too.

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i woulda cussed her out, i feel really bad u seem so shocked by the experience well hopefully get fired or something. Take cares mouse
hope lots of cheese will come ur way ..corny i know =]

You & Me baby ain't nothin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel =D
--A kidd

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They're just doing their job by enforcing the rules. You're only supposed to use the Web for research. But it's a stupid rule...

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Everyone has held a book once

Everyone has held a book once in there life, And so many people are without compassion. Just the way people are sometimes. Sigh. And peoples words make me feel liek that, not souposed hurtful words like freak or anything, or gay or whatever. But more to there opinions, they almost control me, even if they dont mean to.

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I remember doing a project on homophobia when i was a senior in highschool. It was tough, small town small brains. I would go and be looking up information and some lab tech or librarian would be asking me what it was. It was so hard to be around people that i thought were ever-judging me. However, we have allies in unknown places. If something like that comes up again say you are doing research on sub-cultures. That is a great one. Vague yet specific.

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Yay! Another good idea!

Thanks. I'll remember that one, too.

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I feel your pain... people a

I feel your pain...
people are like that at my school i wish i could go to another school but if i told my parents why they would go balistic and so i have no other exxcuse LIFE SUCKS!

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Seems all the school libraria

Seems all the school librarians are bitchy these days...mine certainly are. I don't even dare log on to the internet unless it's for a school assignment. God, if your situation happened to me I'd get spasmodic right then and there. Don't worry about it, they're not likely to stalk you and look up all your internet history.

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a holder of books doesnt always read them

heh. that would have freaked me out too, but I would have probably rudely brushed her off and erased the computer's history in front of her. ;)

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