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Okay, a while ago(Halloween), my friend invited me to this party, I went and everything. It was just me, Izzy, and the girl(Sarah) who invited us. Then this guy, Cody, came over and we had a bunch of fun, nothing bad or anything. We had pillow fights and things like that, then Cody took us down the street and we walked around and talked and stuff, we went to his trampoline (Sorry if thats spelled wrong) and had fun until Saras dad called us back for bed. Well now, Sara told me that Cody asked when I was comming back over because I was cool and nice. Well I had always secretly liked him, and now Im thinking he likes me, both my friends thinks he likes me too. Well Im just a bit happier today and just wanted to post it. I think he may ask me out...sooner or later, I can wait. :D