Dear Adria

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I am so many reasons
for so many things

I wonder if you know me
and what do you see

I know so many jokes
you wouldnt understand

I am so many people
each dying to be heard

Maybe someday I'll tell you
the story of all their lives

For today I'm just yours-


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Cute ; )

Adria is a beautiful name you must be captivated by her...many girls have done that to me, especially there last few. I love someone and I think they know by now. She lives far away from me but we talk constantly for the past 6 months, and the feeling just won't leave... Can't wait to meet her this summer! I like the way you right, it is sweet, simple, and cuts to the point.


"My parents told me that I could be anything I want when I get older, so I decided to be a Lesbian"