Donnie Darko, Jake Gyllenhaal and my drunken exhibitionist tendencies

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Just saw Donnie Darko. Great movie, really strange. The main reason I saw it is because I heard it was good, and Jake Gyllenhaal stars in it. He has the best face which to remind me why I'm gay. I love his short, but discernable beard, blue-grey eyes, his sartorial elegance, his slightly messed-up brown hair which makes me want to run my hand through it. Then of course there is the name "Gyllenhaal", which sounds mysterious, but is of well-documented Swedish origin meaning "Golden Hall". I would post a picture here, but I'm having difficulty doing that. If you don't know what he looks like, google-image Jake Gyllenhaal.

Its been a great weekend. On Friday I went to a pool party with over 40 people and got a little tipsy on just one beer, one glass of wine and one shot of vodka. Others I know were downing 40 beers and still not drunk (or so they say). I was about the only person dancing to the music, but I didn't care (this happens even without alcohol). I kept on having to remind myself not to tell anyone else about my sexual orientation. A few bottles were dropped. Some people weren't wearing shoes, and someone cut their foot on the glass. It was good, mostly, but for the smokers and the horny straight couples.

When there were only five of us left, three of us went off to a restaurant across the street. One (male) friend and I decided to indulge in mild exhibitionism: I took off my shirt and wore only board shorts; he wore pants. I don't know what sort of standards other societies have, but here, no one does that. My parents arrived after a while and I got a little scared they would see me and my friend sitting outside the restaurant underclad. So I hid behind the table and put on my shirt, said bye to my friends and went home.


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Oh, I know what you mean abou

Oh, I know what you mean about Jake. Even just picturing him now is getting me a little excited. I saw Donnie Darko a little while ago and absolutely loved it, almost obsessively. I dunno, something about Donnie sort of reminded me of... well me. I connected well with the movie despite (or perhaps because of) its strangeness.

It helps that people call me schizophrenic...

Anyway, I'm glad you had fun.

You can never beat time, but you can sure put up a hell of a fight.

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Because I will have so much to look forward to...

"My Dad has emotional problems."
"Whoa, me too! What kind does your Dad have?"

I LOVE that movie, too! When I first saw it, I was kind of obsessed with it, too. It's just so fascinating. So beautiful, so funny, so sad.

That Jake is adorable, which doesn't hurt either!

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In case anyone didn't know wh

In case anyone didn't know what he looks like: 23


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I just read in the paper that they've released a "Director's Cut" edition. It adds about fifteen minutes, and it tweaks some of the existing footage.

I'm interested... I'll have to get it now, I suppose...


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'sif its not the best movie e

'sif its not the best movie ever..... well, one of the best... and the directors cut is even better.... explains some stuff. the only movie thats ever made me cry.