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~What are some of your most sensual fantisies and desires?

Mine Are:
~having sex in front a big crowd

~photographing people having sex

~having sex with someone while they are asleep (sounds wierd i know but i just
want to know what its like)

~being photographed while having sex

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Well I am not about to post about my fantasies opening. Let's just say Natalie Portman would be involved...

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I dunno, for now I'd be happy

I dunno, for now I'd be happy with sleeping with someone I really cared about...

You can never beat time, but you can sure put up a hell of a fight.

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I like the way you think.

Im kinda like you in a way.cause i just want that one guy to sweep me of my feet.I want to be able to wake up on a rainy saterday morning and snuggle and kiss.I want that warm summersday breezy beach kiss.
I want alot of things.

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Kinda kinky but I'd like to t

Kinda kinky but I'd like to try spanking! Have done for ages, I'd liek the school uniform, over the knee thing- just once to see what it's like.

I also have a fantasy about having sex in somewhere I shouldn't- eg a classroom, where there is a chace of being caught.

Or of course, licking whipped cream from Alyson Hannigan would be very nice too.


I lived my life in shadow- never the sun on my face
It didn't seem so sad though, I figured that was my place.

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Interesting fantasy there Rad....

I'll always be.... yours fatally....

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having sex in a place where we could get caught (like the locker room at school during a dance-that is what I kind of wanted to happen, well, what I was thinking about, on Friday at Winter Formal)

fantasies are lovely, it doesn't really suck that they may not happen, my fantasies currently involve Laura... ;-)

Ban ignorance damn it!

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I could be really graphic hear, but I'm not... sorry guys, hehe.
Like postions? Well maybe to graphic.
Probably in a bed, with my current crushes (not like a 3some, 1 at a time, and no not like taht, eer its hard to explain lol). Well umm, umm, umm, I dunno, their acually olny like 3 guys i like, (okay 4) but its better than falling for every cute guy you see.

"I'm not bi, I'm just greedy"

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I'm not bi, I'm just greedy...

I like that...lol


Intention is the core of all conscious life. It is our intentions that create karma, our intentions that help others, our intentions that lead us away from the delusions of individuality toward the immutable verities of enlightened awareness.

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gets me thinking..

Anything while trying on lingerie at the store changing room
&/or involving Kate Beckinsale or Kiera Knightly.

"Quid me nutrit me destruit"

"A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages" - Tennesee Williams

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Oh yeah I'm seeing the Keira

Oh yeah I'm seeing the Keira Knightley ;)

Well behaved women rarely make history.

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The ultimate

My fantasies tend to be very wild.... like very wild.

One I desire is......

Unaware in a mall, your dream man walks up an kisses you (a long kiss) and says you are the man of his dreams. I will be like dumb struck yet over the moon. He then sweeps me off my feet, takes me to the coast for wild sex on a private beach. Sex in the water, on the sand, under the shower, in the beach house, in the lounge, kitchen table top, the bed room, well all bedrooms there are in the house, in the bath, in the pool, the jacuzzi well almost most everywhere possible.

Well after all that fun.... I wake up and see it was only a dream!!!

Thats fantasy

PS:Free ain't free until you free from fear.

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Anything rough and rugged... that goes for guy and place!

It's only when I lose myself in someone else
That I find myself,
I find myself
- Depeche Mode

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The best dream I had involved another guy, but I couldn't see his face, or I couldn't remember it. It didn't matter anyway, because I haven't met the right guy yet, what's more an openly gay guy. Anyway it goes...

We were some place by the beach. We had dinner. He was only wearing board shorts, and all I could notice was his smooth, muscled, tanned chest. We were laughing at what each other was saying, and I was quite turned on. But as great a guy as he was, I was interested in something other than talking. Our eyes kept on meeting, and he seemed completely cheerful, even though I was trembling with desire.

Next thing we're in some beach house and it's a little dark because the curtains are closed. I can hear the sound of the waves crashing on the shore as we kiss. Then I'm lying on top of him on the bed in the corner of the room, feeling warm as I put my chest against his. Then I'm licking his abs. Then we're kissing again.

That's the high and low of it. I think the chocolate I had that day induced the dream. Strangest thing is it didn't involve anything below the belly button, and I can't even remember any nudity below there. We didn't even have sex, yet the whole event felt almost orgasmic. In case you haven't noticed, I have some sort of chest fetish. And I like beaches.


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It's all about the eyes

There wouldn't necessarily need to be any sex with my fantasy...not that I would turn it down...but anyway, uhh...hanging out with the male cast from Smallville...ya, that would be the current fantasy...and if I had to choose just one one them...Goddess forbid...it would be Tom Welling...


Intention is the core of all conscious life. It is our intentions that create karma, our intentions that help others, our intentions that lead us away from the delusions of individuality toward the immutable verities of enlightened awareness.

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this is really all of what my life is is a fantasy! lol. my biggest fantasy is probably with my best friend ryan. (no one knows i am bi). he leads me up to the bathroom that no one uses (in our library) and we have sex. it is awesome. i have so many other fantasies that it would take a while to type. a lot of them involve ryan. (he is soooo cute). But like i said, most of this will never be acted out. its just a fantasy. :(

~the confused teen, zach~

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Okay mine is really weird but

Okay mine is really weird but i'll just tell you anyways: Being tied up against a wall naked and having like 20 wicked HOTT girls and guys lick my whole body...uhhh *cough cough* yea, so thats mine! ;)

~~If there's something weird in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?
If there's something strange and it don't look good
Who you gonna call?

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One of my fantasies is a biza

One of my fantasies is a bizarre kind of hero-villain scenario where the two of us are in battle with swords in armour. It would be at the point of vanquishing with one of us slammed against the wall with a sword at their throat that the victor decides they'd rather kiss than kill. Oddly enough the vanquished responds in kind with equal passion and a fury of fumbled disrobing ensues. The fact we're wearing armour doesn't help I imagine but I've always found the juxtaposition of hot, sweaty bodys and cold metal an alluring image. 'I don't deserve to live.' 'Don't worry I'll kill you later.' 'You said you would kill me.' 'I lied.' Are Star Trek quotes a turn on? In the right circumstances you betcha. 'Please Captain, not in front of the Klingons.' Lol

Children of a future age reading this indignant page know that in a former time love sweet love was thought a crime

- William Blake

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that fantasy makes me excited and i can visualize what your feeling!!!!

"No one in this world is stupid, the ones who appear to be have not risen to their intelligence yet."
"People say they want everything but when you have eveything you have eveything to lose"
~LOVE and HATE are the QUESTIONS of LIFE!!!~

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this was my dream the other n

this was my dream the other night and i suppose its my fantasy:

I have met this guy in a class or an activity or something, and he's decently attractive (much more than I am) but different- straight-ish but there is something unmistakeable feminine, or at least something small that i can see. however, i think he's straight.

at one point in time, we are sitting next to each other. why? i don't know. without cause or reason, he leans in and whispers: "God, you look beautiful today." and he deeply kisses my neck and cheek. Stunned, i turn and look at him, as if to say, "you're gay?" and, when that fact has been affirmed, i lean in and the realm of possibility bursts open.

unusually romantic for just a dream...

is it so wrong to have imagined something greater?

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At the moment, my romantic fantasy would be just to be with somebody I love and that loves me in return. On a ski trip get-away, snowed-in. In front of a roaring fire place. Chocolate covered strawberries, whipped cream, and good champagne would be available. And we would just cuddle after.

As for a sexual fantasy.... I'll try anything once... that's not too painful, that doesn't involve a person I find unattractive, and that doesn't risk disease or legal consequence...

"The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved -- loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves." -Victor Hugo

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I had this great dream! I

I had this great dream!

I woke up and smelt something cooking, i walked down the stairs still in my boxers and t-shirt from the day before. As i peeked around the corner of the hall i saw this man standing in his boxers infront of the stove. He was making me pancakes, i walked up behind him and kissed his neck. We cuddled as the breakfast cooked, When that pancake was done i reached around him and shut off the stove. I lead him out of the kichen .....and the rest is just to steamy.....God i am in the mood for pancakes now


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hahahaha sounds steamy

lol i want some pancakes, too.

~ Gay is the new Strait! ~ lol "Just pick, guys or girls, your so greedy. hey I'm just looking for the same qualities In a man as I am in a woman thats all. Big boobs?" - The L Word "You maybe want to kill me for being so nice, and you may hate my guts, but with my last breath i would apologize for bleeding on your shirt."

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"You could see me reaching _

"You could see me reaching
____So why couldn't you have
________Met me halfway"_-_-_-_Incubus (mexico)

I had a dream that one day i woke up...

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my fantisy is of a james bond type. moi just saved the world with hot girl in the other hand... the rest is obvious hehe

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~Interesting question...~

I'm not sure....But they would all involve my current Girlfriend...They will probly all involve doing it where we could get caught...It just seems like fun. }:]

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alright i really do not mind being graphic and since i have been told i am a good writer im going to go with the flow here. there has been a fantasy i have been having for days now. i have a list of favorite female actors i would love to have luscious sexual yummy affairs with, but none stands out more than (holds breath) MILLA JOVOVICH. OMG OMG OMG. alright breathing now. i am a huge resident evil fan and i have to say no one else makes kicking ass look sooooooo tasty. not to mention lots of fun. heehee.
it starts . . .

damn im out. where the hell am i gonna get ammo for THIS mother fucker. i hold up my mp5k and shake my head. not to mention the magnum i had as a backup which is now useless because i lost it somewhere. i start down the path. away from the squelching sounds of the murderous zombies consuming the flesh of my once very alive and very unreliable partner. oh well, ill be issued another one.that is, if i make it out of here. the darkness of the graveyard seems to get thicker as i quietly try to navigate the endless death bed. the sounds of the zombies soon fade away and finally all i hear is the straps of my thigh holster rubbing together as i jog between the towering gravestones. having trailed away from the already undescernible path i find myself in a different terrain. i stop, my breathing quieting and my senses becoming alert. there is something nearby. but what? i crouch low to the ground listening for footsteps. there, in the distance. a familiar sound. i can hear . . . leather. yes its leather. slick and tight. i stand as she steps into the faint light of the newly uncovered full moon. her hair is wet and slicked back. she is wearing a full body black leather suit. her knee high boots are laced up tight against her calves. my eyes linger over the pale tops of her breasts pressed tight against their leather confinement. she smiles at me. sharp intake of breath. she holds up her weapon and nods, tosses it aside into the darkness beyond the ring of light surrounding us. how does she know i am out? i throw my gun aside and watch her closely as she seems to be sizing me up. or is she doing something else? her eyes wander over the extremely revealing outfit which adorns my curves. i am wearing a black velvet corset which is lined with dark red lace and tied with red cords.the crests of my breasts are visible above the red. a short black leather skirt which rides up the back where you can plainly see the lower curves of my ass. yeah, i've always been a sucker for velvet and leather.suddenly my thigh holster seems quite tight. my thighs are starting to quiver with her looking at me like that. my boots, similar to hers, are spaced apart as though i am ready for a fight. im not sure if we're going to fight or (pardon the harsh word) fuck. my tongue flicks out and wets my mouth. she takes a step forward. the dim light is following her. she turns slowly to show that she is not wearing any other weapons. i wonder if she could fit any other weapons? where would she hide them? i nod to her and we approach eachother. our eyes locked. she rushes me and grabs my arm, pins it behind me. i pull myself together and flip her over my shoulder. she lands on her back staring up at me with an intensity i am sure is not natural. she slowly stands as if shes giving me the chance to pin her down again. she just stands there and looks at me. finally i step forward and wrap my arms around her. for a moment she does not respond, then i kiss her. our lips pressed heatedly together she closes her eyes and returns the kiss. her arms come around my waist. god i have never wanted to have someone so badly. my hand is behind her head pulling her mouth closer. as close as possible. her tongue is doing things to me i didn't know tongues could do. her hands tighten around my waist and i can feel her pelvis grinding against mine. it seems that we are in agreement of how we should spend our time. suddenly she breaks the kiss and looks at me. i now feel her hands unlacing my corset. she has this amazing glow around her. her breathing is heavy as is mine. i reach around and start unzipping her suit. her hands are getting caught in the laces. mine are shaking. then she whispers something. your shaking. i can feel myself smiling. i respond by saying. yes, but that is your doing. she laughs lightly and has once again began unlacing me. i have unzipped her halfway. my hands spread out over the warm flesh of her back. its smooth and i can feel her muscles flexing. my left hand travels farther down and i discover she is not wearing anything else. she removes the corset. i breathe deeply. she tosses it aside and i am left standing half naked. she pulls the front of her suit down over her and lets it hang at her waist. our breasts touch and there is a sudden jolt between our flesh. my hands are clutching her ass. she has pulled up my skirt and is doing the same. our eyes are level with eachother. still holding eachother, we kiss again. there is a fire inside me like nothing i have ever felt. its consuming me i just know it.

oh my goodness i am so sorry to leave you hanging but i do not think i can finish. besides i have written way too much already. god sakes. yeah i think i need some chocolate now. (breathe just breathe)
alright well there you go im sure you get the basic idea. heehee.
yeah thats a good fantasy of mine. oh i hope i didn't go too far.
poetry tiff

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No, you didn't go far enough damnit!!! Lol, very nice fantasy you've got there...


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dude, u left us hanging

she holds the pen that spells the end



You're so evil just ending it there.

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.

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Do not stop! Gods, that is h

Do not stop! Gods, that is hot stuff!
you should go to literotica.com and submit to it.


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Me. Two other chicks. A double-ended strap on. Lube.


- alkahest

"My finger is on the smiting button right now. Don't test me."
- Eric, Eric, the Power-Mad Dungeon Master, Mark Arenz

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sweet jesus! she holds the

sweet jesus!

she holds the pen that spells the end

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There's a good one.........

Yes, I know I already posted to this, but I no longer have a g/f to fantasize about...So, there went all of my OLD fantasies...Now, all I really want is my ex-. Strange, yes, I know, but I find myself dreaming about him all the time. I have already had him, but for some reason I want him more, and everytime I talk to him, I really can't help but feel all...tingly...inside, or outside, which ever you prefer... Here's how my latest dream went:

I was sitting outside of Muvico, waiting for him to show up, and I feel someone grab me from behind. I turn around, and there he is, just standing there and smiling at me. We buy our tickets and go into the theater.
(this is where the dream kinda skips)
Next thing I know, I'm lying on his bed, kissing him and unzipping his pants. I feel him doing the same to me. He takes off my shirt, and then unhooks my bra. I slide his shirt off, followed by his boxers...

Then, my mom woke me up, sorry, but that has been the farthest the dream has gotten without me waking up. I will keep you guys posted if it goes any further (Weather in real life, or dream!)

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.

If the world didn't suck, we'd fall off.

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hmm let me see, well main fantasy is havin this girl im crushin on come over to me and say sumit like "i've never wanted u so bad" after this she waits till theres no one around..and leads me outside, we dnt say anything, afer looking into each others eyes she pins me against the wall, we begin to kiss and feel each others evry movement, she slides her hand dwn my torso and brings it bk up, she kisses my neck and collar bone, so gentally and the way she places her lips is amazing,it goes on like this for a while untill someone comes round the corer and see's us we both no their there but we dnt want to stop so the person goes way and we hear them shouyting and screming about it yet we dnt stop by this time i've taken her over to a an opening tht is surrounded by trees, as we kiss we lay on the ground i can feel her hands sliding across my bk, we dnt say a word but sumhow no wat each other r thinkin, and as she takes of her top...okay thts it...LoL i've written to much...~ahem~ anyway so yea thts mine...Peace Out!

Good Forum Topic by the way!

False conversation
hidden agender
you think we're stupid
how dare you

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DUDE ...

that was so coooooooool. it had my toes tingling. i will reply the same way others replied to mine... man you should have finished.

"We bleed just to know we're alive . . ."
-GooGoo Dolls

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I thought I might take a leaf

I thought I might take a leaf out of Poetry Nymph's book and write a rather detailed response, -grins-. here is one:

A girl with choppy shortish hair walks towards me. I have seen her in detention before, she was put there for hitting a guy who tried to touch her ass. I am here for unexcused tardiness.
She sits down next to me, a black corderoy mini-skirt covers her ass as it slides into the chair. She also wears green tights, and red tee that hugs her breasts.
"Hi," she says and takes my hand, looking at it, studying my palm and fingers before she continues, "You have nice hands." She does not let go of my hand, and it tingles where she touches it. My whole body starts to heat up. "Thanks," I say, nervous, Gods she is so beautiful.
"Want to leave?" she says suddenly, and I look up to her face, suddenly realizing that she is nervous too, that she wants me too.
"Yes. Where would we go?" I ask, leaning a little closer , and squeezing her hand. The corners of her mouth pull up into a smile, "The nature trail," she says, "I will ask to go to the bathroom and leave, five minutes later, follow me. I will be waiting outside." With that she gets up, her hand leaving mine, and is away accross the cafeteria.
The five minutes pass molasses-slow. I tremble a little in anticipation, and cannot help but imagine her body pressed against mine, her breasts pushing hotly against me, her tongue in my mouth.
Finally I get up and cross the room to the male teacher, requesting permission to use the rest room. It is an emergency, I explain, and cross my legs when the teacher says I must wait until she gets back. He lets me go.
She is outside the door, waiting for me, leaning with her back against the brick wall of the school. The opening door anounces my presence and she looks up, walking toward me, pulling me to her. Our lips meet, and part, her tongue slips into my mouth. Her arms wrap around me, and I press her up against the building. My breathing comes heavily as her hand slides up under my shirt to cup my breast.
She pulls away first, "let's go find a more private spot. On the nature trail," she murmers in my ear, nibbling on the lobe. She grasps my hand again and pulls me after her, accross the soccer feild to the nature trail. We walk silently down the dirt path, and she leads me to a small clearing with a large oak tree at the edge of it. She sits down beneath it and looks up at me, waiting for me to join her. I settle next to her and snake my arms around her back, clasping her to me as I once again let my lips find hers. She leans forward, lowering me to my back, and lies on top of me. I can feel heat rising between my legs, and my hands explore every inch of her. She pulls off my shirt, and her own, and unclasps my bra, letting it come off as well. Her kisses leave my mouth and travel down my neck, she pauses at my shoulder, nipping me, then continues down to flick her tongue over my nipple. I cannot help it, a small moan escapes my lips, and I carress her back, tracing patterns along her spine.

that was probably really bad -blushes- , but whatever. Does anyone want me to continue?

poetry nymph's picture

so proud to invoke such wondrous thoughts i am!!!

that was oh so tantalizing. yes please do continue. . .
i cannot wait for the next segment if there is one. when writing mine i was a little unsure of how graphic to get, you went there, and let me say, fabulous darling. Utterly FABulous!!!

"We bleed just to know we're alive . . ."
-GooGoo Dolls

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(i hope i dont sound to keen lol)

she holds the pen that spells the end



I'm not too good at writing but here it goes....
I'm in p.e running laps when my crush victoria starts running beside me.I glance over at her she returnz the gaze and smiles.She looks over at the dug out and looks back at me kinda questioning me if i wanna go over to it.She grabs me hand and pulls me towards her kisses me and im almost hypnotized we go into the dug out and pins against the wall and kisses me.She pulls away and shes looking into my eyes we're both breathing hard.I kiss her and she starts goin down towards me neck then my collar bone she pulls off my shirt then my bra.I slip my hand up her shirt and i take it off.She pulls me against her then we pause and lay on the ground.she starts goin down kissin me every inch of the way until she getz to my pants she looks up at me and.....the phone rings and i wake up.lol.

I want to cry but my pride won't let me.

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well, it would definately inc

well, it would definately include anne.
and i. alone.

life is hell.
enjoy it while you can.

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Pour Moi

I see the #2 love of my life and I realize she's been crying. I go to her and put my arms around her, and she looks up at me with tears in her eyes.
"What's wrong?" "You! You're what's wrong! Get away from me!" "What did I do?" I start crying but I back off and turn to walk away but then she yells, "Wait don't go." I turn around and she runs up to me and says, "I didn't know. I never whruns up to me and says, "I didn't know. I never knew." She starts showering my face with kisses and I have to know, "What didn't you know?" "I didn't know that all along, through everything, it was you I loved." I look at her with the most grateful eyes and say "Are you sure." She answers me with a kiss and then another and then another. . That's as far as it ever needed to go, because after she told me she loved me, there would be nothing else in this world that could ever compare to that feeling right then.

I'm so pg-13.

"Man it takes a silly girl
to lie about the dreams she has.
But lord, it takes a lonely one to wish
that she had never dreamt at all."

sistinesylph's picture


I'm walking along the side of a road, and I come to a huge oak tree.
I see the (former) love of my life at its base and I realize she has been crying. I don't know if she's ever stopped. I go to her and put my arms around her, as if to shield her from any harm that might come. She looks up at me with tears in her eyes and I shudder. "What's wrong?"
She cries, "You! You're what's wrong! Get away from me!" Her words sting. "What did I do?" I start crying and I back off and turn to as if to walk away. But she yells, "Wait don't go!" I stop mid-step, frozen in time and space. I turn around and she runs up to me and says, "I didn't know. I never knew." She grasps my hands, but then she sees my eyes, the pain and confusion held within, and she embraces me. She starts showering my face with kisses and I have to know, "What didn't you know?"
"I didn't know that all along, through everything, I didn't know that it was you I loved. I never meant to hurt you but I am willing to spend the rest of my life making it up to you." Then I look at her with the most grateful eyes and ask "Are you sure?" She answers me with a kiss and then another and then another. And we stay there, holding each other, kissing occasionally but all the while knowing that we have finally found that one person who could complement us so perfectly. . .

That's as far as it has ever gone, because there is nothing else in this world that could ever compare to that feeling right then.

"Man it takes a silly girl
to lie about the dreams she has.
But lord, it takes a lonely one to wish
that she had never dreamt at all."

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This topic sucks!!! Everyone keeps leaving us hanging. Lol, can't a girl get some satisfaction around here?!?! Joking, i love this topic :D


calicocat's picture

I'm in the boys toilets with

I'm in the boys toilets with this guy that i like.. i don't think i need to say any more ;)

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my dream/fantasy

I had a dream last night where I met her walking in the woods. We've never been anything more than friends, but in the dream we were walking along the same trail and she was next to me, and she took my hand. We came to a river and I don't know why but we were standing in the middle of it, and she kissed me. That would be my fantasy. That dream was so amazing I hated being awake this morning, I just wanted to be back at the river. I've never been kissed before, but I feel like I have. That dream was absolutely wonderful.

pixies_in_the_underworld's picture


hmm...it would involve...

She throws me up against a wall, where she begins to touch me and grope me. Then while kissing me ferociously with a hunger that only I can sate, leads me to her bedroom where we tumble on her bed. She takes off my shirt, turns me over, unhooks my bra, then starts kissing me all over until she gets to my jeans, which she unbuttons and unzips with her teeth. As she slowly tells me how much she wants me, she slips off my underwear, saying that it's not adequate because it's too skimpy, and begins to stroke my inner thighs and begin to ride up until I can't think and am ready to cry out...let's leave it at that. I also wouldn't mind a pair of handcuffs, Angelina Joe Lee, or Alyssa Milano

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liquid!!! being surrounded by water with sum1 u sooo crave 4, and lusted. water bring enough tension as it is, and everythin is soo light, u can just pik her up wrap her around ur waist. and the droplets of water are so intence, smashing against ur body, ur heart pumping at an incredable rate,everythin seems so loud, all u hear is her,urself and the water, and how they echo gives u trembles inside and makes u almost shiver, and they grab u closer to them,for that moment of time, its just incredable, you dont feel alone anymore,u feel like youve found ur place and you will have the biggest smile on ur face for weeks and nothin can bring it down...


sistinesylph's picture


Good one. .

"Man it takes a silly girl
to lie about the dreams she has.
But lord, it takes a lonely one to wish
that she had never dreamt at all."