Feeling great

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Yesterday and this morning I felt like I was in the dump. But after much thought
sitting in the garden (very calming mind you), I decided that I am gonna
do new things that I have not tried before. This is my year and I am
gonna take it and make something of it. Sitting on my ass ain't helping
much. For all those out there feeling like life is shit, well it ain't
getting any better, so make a change, make it happen for you.
Tomorrow is my day off and I am gonna make the best of it. I wanna wake up
with ten smiles on my face, from ear to ear. Just needed to express my mood



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Good for you!

Are you trying to make every other post on here yours?? lol I'm joking I love ppl who post!

*A fairy came to me in the middle of the night, sprinkled magic fairy dust on me, tapped me on the head and said "I dub thee gay"*

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:D Yay!

That's great! I'm glad you're happy. I think I'm taking a turn for the better myself...