Frusteration Due to A Sore Throat & 1 Hw Prob!!!!!!

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SO i have been lazy today rather it was a long day - i had lab that went on forever.....but i didnt break anything or mess up -so thats good for once- i had a reputation for being the lab screw up last semester- my two geniuses were placing bets on what would go wrong for me- yeah----funny HA HA- yeah so for the last hour or so I have been doing some chem stuff..and these hw probs are making me want to cry-- they are dumb and take forever and make me feel dumb- so i quit..................for now....oh and my throat hurts woke me up 6 am this morning--- i went to bed at 3 so you could imagine my mood...........damn germs.............

cnn* >:o


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I didn't think you would be awake at this time....I slept for three hours today after school so now I am awake. I was thinking about calling you but my mom might just shoot me. Hope you weren't kissing anyone to catch that cold babes...haha I know how that goes jk. My little prude CNN, don't worry I can show you the ropes haha Sleep tight...

Cathy ;)

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PRUDE!@!@@!@@! excuse cant make that assumption

btw- that was me pretending to be angry- but still--hey hurt my feelings poop face lol....POOOOP POOOOP......

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cnn* :)

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I love your quote !

I love your quote !