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This is another one of my rants, today in gym we were playing a stupid 2on2 basketball game, there was different teams-like 20 of them and when the coach called my number, I didn't participate. Then the other coach came up to me and told me I could either play or run the track and lose my points, so I ran traack. I had to run outside for 35 minutes in shorts and a shirtsleeved shirt because I didn't feel like playing basketball. Thats coach made me get sick and now my weekend is going to be spent inside, probally in bed!
I can't believe it, i WAS going to a party but now I have a fever of 103.


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yeah i had 2 run 6 miles to get an a in gym

thats only because i had so many marks on my attendance =] Hopefully u Get well soon mhuhahaha

You & Me baby ain't nothin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel =D
--A kidd