Havent been here in a while

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Hey ya'll. I havent been here in...a good long while. I had alot of sexual drama going on in my life this summer. But now I have a steady english boyfriend, Andrew, and as this one guy said recently that I am no longer the cute rebel i was when i first moved to london, that I have become a boring twat. Well, i guess thats true. but that also just means that I have matured. Like, I've gone to the side where the adults are now. I can never go to never never land again.

Then again the guy who said that is like 50 and he is such a pervert, like all my drivers, he has a thing for teenagers in uniform. I have big boobs and i go to an all girls school with a uniform. I guess in teh beggining i played along but now its just gross. Like I am no longer the 16 year old rebel. I have no more reason to be mad at my dad or myself. Okay, so I still hate my dad. But...yeah.

Anywhoo...I still write on my xanga. A shoutout to my old friends on here.
Just dropping by to say hullo and goodbye i supose.

I also adore Johnny Depp and I've decided its b/c I have a thing for cheek bones. James Marsters has crazy anorexic cheekbone issues too.


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I noticed your absence. Johnny Depp has gorgeous cheekbones. I'm a cheebone person as well, and I totally love James Marsters' cheekbones. I watched a lot of Buffy over break and went "ooh" so many times. Alyson and James. Good for me.

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