Help Quick Please

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I have a friend that I've been posting things up about like crazy!, and I have this huge crush on him
I really want to know answers and questions
I have talked to him about girls and stuff that straight men would talk about and he said that hes never had a girlfriend
He said he doesnt really have a crush and hes really hot!
Whenever I sit next to him in like a car or somethin he always wants to sit next tom me
like He would sometimes lean on my shoulder and maybe I would lean on him
and he is coming over next weekend I need help

1. what to where our fav band is AFI and i have a shirt that says afi
2.Whats a good conversation starter?
3.What if he says Yes wut if he says no?

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Here ya go

1. It doesn't matter what you wear. Really. Chances are, he probably will forget that you're wearing it two minutes after he sees it anyhow. If he's interested in you, he'll be focused on everything but your clothes.

2. Ask him about his job (if he has one). Or ask him about school. People may hate their jobs (and school), but they love to bitch about it.

3. If he says yes to being gay and or to sleeping with you (I think that's what you mean, anyhow), then great. Have at it! But as any good motherly figure would point out, be ready for him to say no. If he's a good friend and turns out to be straight, then you'd better figure out really quickly if he's going to be cool with it or not. Sometimes you don't know until you ask.

There are no easy answers to coming out and inquiring about someone else. All you can do is hope for the best.

Good Luck,


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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Hmm... well Jazzer's covered

Hmm... well Jazzer's covered most of what's needed to have been said. Good luck with him.