Help, where are all the guys???

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i want to find guys in my town but i don't know any gay guys. what should i do?

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Go to a gay bar, maybe. Da

Go to a gay bar, maybe.


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i'm to young

i'm to young

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Everyone knows the center of the universe is in Texas, so find it, than find the nearest gay bar, sep across the center, than into the bar, its all umm oh god whats it called, umm, umm, Quantom-Physics. Yeah! Thats it!
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try mogenic

You can try and put an ad up... I've never heard of "Fanwood," but unless the population is under 100, there have to be at least a few other gay guys there.

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OMG I used to live in fanwood

OMG I used to live in fanwood! how cool

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Hey there

You have been gifted with a use it.

Otherwise there is always the options of a club.... Try the mall, go for coffee with a friend ans search the world with your satelite. You will be surprised at how many there are out there.

PS:Free ain't free until you free from fear.