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I haven't posted in a while. I have been busy, grandmother just got out of
the hospital with a blood clot, nothing they can do for her. Another thing
that bothers me, is that me and my mom, aunt and uncle are the only ones who
went to see her during those two weeks. Not my sister, nor my brother went
to see her. I have just realized my brother and sister are little ungrateful
brats. After what she has done for us, that can't get off their butts to see
her in the hospital! She gave each of us 1000 dollars for Christmas, doesn't
even recieve a thank you either! Also, my grandfather is dying of a few
types of cancer...I will miss him terribly. His birthday is one day before
mine, the 21st of January. I will always remember him...some people don't
understand how close I was to him and don't understand why I get sooo upset
over him...But I loved him, ALOT! And now he won't be here...
I just think I need time, but I don't know if time heals things like this...
I miss him already. We had a bond, me and him. If you met him and saw him
with me, you would know how kind and loving he was. He was like a second
father to me...and now I got one shitty father here...


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Precious moments

i know what u mean about ur grandpa, my grandma is getting sicker too and i love her so much and it scares me to think of her gone wen i come and visit and her room her favorite chair will be empty.

like u said it will take time
but take care miracles happen

You & Me baby ain't nothin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel =D
--A kidd