Homosexuality Is Not Wrong- An Informal Address

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this address is influenced by something i read a while back...

One thing on my mind though has been this concept that most people have that being gay is wrong- hm- so yeah..when i think about it how can something so fundamentally innocent be wrong?? like i have said before or rather quoted from an awesome professor its about who you love and care about - its about who you are with or want to spend the rest of your life with...it bothers me that people can not concieve of this...

for some reason society since god knows when has this preconcieved idea that we are going against the normal which is true because the normal we have been taught in my opinion is going against the natural flow of earth and its course..bear with me im going to explore this somewhat scientifically..but oh well..just stick around..lol..

So yes..nature...follows it own course. Homosexuality has been around or mentioned somewhat since at least the time of the greeks and their philosophical advancements..so then why has homosexuality despite its dissaproval from society and many other negative factors still something found among the human race?

..from an evolutionary standpoint- being gay does not enhance your chances of survival and does not promote the passing on of your genes to offspring- being gay- is useless biologically speaking- you only get emotional satisfaction through loving who you want to love despite gender. ok- so then you think being gay would have died out- become exinct from our race but no this has not happened--

now - in our generation we see the diversity and true numbers of the GBLTQ community and it seems that the american country as well as parts of the world are becoming more tolerant of our lifestyles which is leading to the expansion of the visible GBLTQ community.....

i think that nature intended for some humans to be gay..one reason could be that it helps combat the insane rate that the human population is procreating at- the term f*cking like rabbits..can be applied here..if you like for comedic relief so to speak :)

also- there are so many children who need homes and caregivers to watch out for them- and with the growth of gay couples wanting to adopt children, isnt this the perfect opportunity to give happiness to some poor kid and a couple that wants to positively influence an individuals life??

idk-society makes me mad- they dont want to spread love and happiness- they want to spread hate and tension - among the people of this country- we are a minority but i pray that one day we will have our moment when we can truly be proud and happy not about who we are but of how far we have come.

so for now...im done but i will be returning to this since i can come back and edit** lol..i know my style is horrid-this is meant to be informal- but its really just me rambling



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Another "reason" for the existence of homosexuality, in an evolutionary sense, is for the contribution to the meme pool rather than to the gene pool. It isn't that far-fetched to think that maybe if someone is unable (through inclination or whatever) to contribute directly (or traditionally) to the gene pool, they might instead be more inclined or better equipped to contributed to the informational and cultural side. After all, the whole point of genetic reproduction is to leave a lasting record of your existence, or at least the existence of your line. Another way to leave proof of your existence is through creative works. Maybe there's some legitimate intellectual, creative, or memetic compensation for the reduction of genetic contribution. Or, of course, maybe there isn't a "reason" for gay people to exist at all. Why do we always want reasons for things? I don't mean that homosexuality is just a fluke, either - that's just offensive. I'm only saying that people are just people: gay, straight, in between, it doesn't matter. Drawing clear lines distinguishing "us" from "them" is easy and appealing, but ultimately unproductive and even dangerous. I went off a little on that, but you get my drift.


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Well, why does haemophilia exist? It has genetic causes, and haemophiliacs are less likely to live to pass on their genes.

I've heard a biological theory that at some point back in the evolutionary chain, animals were bisexual, and that heterosexuality was something that gradually evolved to be the norm. Maybe we just have a recessive gene which is dormant in most people.

And researchers have found that gay men on average have more siblings. This may suggests that women are more likely to bear children for some reason (maybe they have a greater sex-drive), and this is often passed to their sons. Perhaps there is something similar with straight fathers and lesbians.


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Bisexual Animals?

I'm confused...why would animals have been bisexual? Aren't dolphins (and humans) the only animals that have sex for pleasure? Apart from that, the only reason an animal would mate is to procreate....so I can't see how or why they would mate with animals of the same sex...that had nothing to do with the topic, i was just wondering...hmmm
Although lol, my dog does hump anything that moves, other male dogs included (but that isn't really mating :)

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dolphins and humans?

A lot more animals do it. In fact, I get the impression that completely straight animals are the exception to the rule.

"In some species, straight sex is unusual; 64 per cent of female bonobo sexual interactions are same-sex."

See here.

As for the theory itself, I couldn't find anything on it online. I only heard it from a friend of mine who is bio-centric.


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That would make sense with my ink blot that said subconsciously im driven by the thoughts of sexuality :)

but i have also thought and i forgot to mention this- that i have realized at least for myself being gay has been a fountain of strength - i feel that because of my sexuality i will in fact be judged so if socially im lacking in the "normal" department i try to make up for it in other ways- which would lead to my drive to excel and main fear of failure- my biggest fear is that i will just be seen as the gay relative who has no purpose in life- i dont want this - i want to be something- i want to show them gay just like normal people can be awesome individuals- so that when they find out about me the only reason they would have to disapprove of me would be my sexual orientation- im going to be successful - and like my mom has said show them how great we, as a community (glbqt)and micro society, compared to americas society are truly
just as great and awesome, and fabulous lol..you get the point :)

cnn* :)