How to erase one's history and other babblings...

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I should be studying for my honors civ midyear tomorrow, I havent studied at all and I'm so dead. But I'm not, I'm here. As usual.

After my English midyear today, I saw this incredibly cute girl and I could not stop looking at her. I was with one of my friends and I (rather obviously) tried to stop staring. I'm seeing hot girls everywhere. It's insane! I feel so shallow. All of a sudden I'm so obsessed with how girls look, with how much I want a girl to like me.

I remember one time a few months ago when a friend was bemoaning her guy troubles, and she's like, "It's so frustrating, guys are such jerks!" And I'm like, "Well, some aren't," and she agreed. Then she complained, "But they're so cute!" and I say, "Yeah..." but I'm thinking, No they aren't. Not that much. But I can't say that to her... So how much of a lesbian am I? A big one, I guess, but I suppose I'm jsut not quite ready to accept it yet. Oh well, I'll get there in time...

I love girls so much! I'm just not ready to let go of guys yet. I guess my mind is still thinking like a bisexual. I don't really want to exclude people because of gender, I do want to include all genders in my search for "true love." But I'm just so attracted to girls, and not so much to guys. I don't know, it's all so confusing...

Oh, right, I forgot to ask: How do you erase your history? I figured it out one day and I was all happy, but then I forgot again. Our internet bill is coming soon and when my parents see how high it is, they'll want to know where I've been... I can't show them that I've been on Oasis. Please help me out on this! I feel kind of stupid asking, like I should know, but I don't...


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what kind of computer/internet explorer do u use?

I can do it for most windows computers, if u pm me,

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I have AOL and a Dell compute

I have AOL and a Dell computer...

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i love girls too!!! its normal babe :)

but i suck at computers so i dunno on that ....

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I'm not sure if it'll work for every computer- but on mine I go to Tools (up at the top with File, Edit etc.)
Internet Options
General Tab
Clear History
Hope it helped

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You'll also probably want to do the Delete Cookies and Delete Files. Because if you go into Settings and View Files you can still see where people have been.

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How do you do that?

I have no idea how to do any of this stuff... :)

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Thanks for the advice

But I don't have a Tools menu. Oh well.

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helping you

left mouse click on your internet icon on your desktop then go to internet properties something will pop up then go to general from there you can delete history and cookies which stores internet files on the places you've been