I Dont Understand- Poo on Girls

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Hi Oasis-

Have you ever felt like someone did not care about you...i mean sometimes the feeling is justified but sometimes you just feel that way..my mind may be playing a trick on me but- for some reason i feel like that RIGHT NOW..and it is bothering me alot.. too much for comfort..i dont get why i feel it though...this idky feeling...i feel alone and sad for some reason...i hate love..who agrees??

i think im in love but if you guys knew the circumstances youd prob be like shut the fuck up ..oh well.. i think im in love...but then again why is it causing so much crap for me?? i mean granted most of it is nice crap..but still its hard...love is always hard im jeolous of those who have it easy ..take care of your love my friends cause once its gone ....well its hard ....coping is a bitch...i know this...she can make me so happy yet so sad.....*sighs*

also a really good friend of mine is leaving for school this sat and im going to miss her ALOT..shes transfering to somewhere far far away...boo...so yes this is contributing to my sadness...idk..poo on girls of all sorts

all i know is i love that one person (more than she even knows i think- ) and im gonna miss my friend alot...this all makes me a sad rambling idiot

cnn* :/

*my rainbow string bracelet i havent taken off for like 6 months finally broke..im afraid its a sign....* i was so sad about this too....*


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Girls like us!

Ok, so i completely agree with you! especially on the first paragraph. i mean, i really like this girl and she doesnt even come cloe to feeling thesame which rips out my heart. so i know exactly how you feel. and then theres still a whole lot of people who dont even know im bi, and theres guys who still like me and i dont know what to do. because i cant just put aside my feelings for her... but she doesnt feel the same... yes, "Poo on love"!!!

Jump over the moon

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we feel better..but still poo on girls

KieBem81 [1:48 AM]: you make me feel better
KieBem81 [1:48 AM]: no joke
Mander111 [1:48 AM]: really?
KieBem81 [1:50 AM]: yes
KieBem81 [1:50 AM]: i was in a shitty mood
Mander111 [1:50 AM]: well it makes me feel better to make you feel better
Mander111 [1:50 AM]: ,,,
Mander111 [1:50 AM]: hehe
KieBem81 [1:51 AM]: good we both feel better

"If you love someone, tell them for hearts are often broken by words left unspoken"

1 in 3 women think of having sex or experimenting with other women

"Should I smile because we're friends or frown because thats all we'll ever be?"

cnn* :)

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Definetly. Poo on love.

I hate love... I feel completely the same way on that first paragraph. The rest--that sucks. Hope it gets better...