I need my soulmate, now......

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Why does life seem so difficult to live in. I am still searching for my soulmate to spend the rest of life with. People are not the same any more, what went wrong? Other are so happy in their relationship, and I sit there looking. Anybody got some advise cause I think I have tried all options.
The people I end up getting are not my type, how do I change my attraction factor, or karma, or something. Please help me


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Why are you looking for your "soul mate?"

Your young, you have enough time to find that "soul mate" but until then why don't you just have a good time and create new experiences for yourself...I wish I was older now!


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Hey cathy

Thanx Cathy

But I think I kinda like ran out of options.. well at least I got some advise from my previous journal entry which was very inspiring. I am gonna try that tonight, the bath, movies the whole ordeal.

New things will definately be on my list.

Oh yes before I jet.... being older don't make things easier just that you have freedom of speech o and I forgot, you get to pay for everything you want. no more free things from mom and dad. But it is slightly better in a way.

We'll wait till you get there.


PS:Free ain't free until you free from fear.

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Buisness Cards

Have buisness cards made with "Have YOU seen my soulmate?" on them and your name and number on the back! :P

*A fairy came to me in the middle of the night, sprinkled magic fairy dust on me, tapped me on the head and said "I dub thee gay"*