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Has anybody ever seen Ang Lee's film The Ice Storm, starring Elijah Wood, Kevin Klein, Sigourney Weaver, and Christina Ricci, among others? Well, we just had a storm like that here in the Hoosier State. In case you don't know, an ice storm is a rain storm in which freezing air temperatures cause all the rain to turn to ice when it hits the surface. As a result, everything is iced up. It was so severe that about 85% of Delaware County (including us) was without electricity for about two days. The governor declared a state of emergency, and 200 work crews from as far away as North Carolina and Virginia had to be brought in to help repair the 400 power lines that were knocked down, plus all the transformers that blew up. It was weird, because not only was it totally dark outside, but we were completely cut off from the world, with the exception of a small shortwave radio my step-dad has. While the storm was happening, all we could hear at night were sirens from the many police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances responding to emergencies throughout the city, and tree limbs falling down. Right now, the ice on the trees (which will kill many of them) makes it look as though they're made of glass. There are fallen tree branches all over the streets, as well as numerous live wires.

Anyway, we're all okay now, and we have electricity again.


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Been there..... and it sounds

Been there..... and it sounds like you guys got off easy. We had a big ice storm up in Vermont about 7 years ago, i was in 8th grade. There were downed trees and powerlines all over the place, and all the tree branches were encased in about a 1/2 inch of ice and we had no power for almost 4 days. The national guard was everywhere helping clean things up. My friend and I almost got killed when we were out looking at the trees in her yard while there was tons of lightning, and a huge branch fell right where we had been standing 5 seconds before. It was scary. I hope everyone in your town in ok.

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It looks as though we'll be a

It looks as though we'll be alright. Delaware County was the hardest-hit (along with Randolph and Blackwood Counties), but the people who are going to suffer the most are those who are out in the country and won't have power for another few days. I didn't almost get killed, but actually, it sounds like the storm you guys had was about the same as what we got.

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I LIVE IN CANADA ! an ice storm up here is like an everyday occurance in most parts durin the winter. one time we didnt have power for 3 weeks, it was the worst ever, we survived cos we have wood heat and lots of pots to boil snow for water to baith in haha ! NOW THATS AN ICE STORM I TELL YA !
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