I'm "smart"

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I use quotation marks because I am actually smart, just not smart enough to do the work. I wish it were hard so I'd at least have that as an excuse but that's not the case, I can't seem to focus. I don't know why either, my mind just drifts off sometimes or my mind goes on pause or something. I'm so tired of everyone talking about my potential, or what I could do if I tried. Don't you see me trying? After the lectures and the crying it's always the same, "Alexis is lazy, she just cares about herself". Dont't you think she just might want help, or at least want to help?


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It's hard to focus on work, when we have other things in mind. That doesn't mean you'Re lazy or not trying. It's just, it doens't work.
but hey, do not worry. try on doing it little bit by little bit and if you're not able that way either, go take a nap or do somerhing else and come back to it. In those cases i like to take a good bath. after, my mind is clearer and ideas pop up.

Don't feel bad, you're not lazy like you say. At least, i don't think so at all.

I may not know you, but i'm wishing you good luck and i'm there, and let me know how it went.

take good care of you
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