In Depression too??? Come on!!

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Is it a fashion or is it a way to be hot?
The New tendance : Being sadly depressed.

Yeah well, it's true. The young years of GBLT aren't easy, but we're all throught the same thing. Can't we all fight it and help each other? No instead we encourage others to be depressed and stuff by telling them we went throught it too.

Let's go be depressed together! let's drink! let's cut! let's try commiting suicide.

how many posts will i read of people that doesn't want to help themselves heal and go better and only want to be sad and die.

You'll die one day, don't waste yout time thinking about it. You'll die one day, do something with your life when you're still here and help the others who might want to live and benefit of the good things it can bring.

And i know, nobody's going to answer me, nobody reads me!!! HA!

I tried to help, and i say try, because i don'T actually think it worked, to get people out of trouble. But everybody here wants trouble. wants sadness.

if they didn't want that, they'd be having fun. they'd find a way to use wahat they have. Come on, you all have legs and arms and a body in decent health. You're all lucky¡!

For years i managed to see people sitting on their ass and not taking care of who they were. They could run. they could do sports. I'm a sportive. I had a problem that kept me from exercise and running for years. I thanked god and made of my life something more by working myself.

Nobody does that. They want to cut and to be depressed and nothing wille ver change that in their head. How immature. They don't want to fight or to do anything. they're stubborn on being depressed.

What's the image to give to the young GBLT coming here trying to find themselves?? depression instead of great fighters standing up and trying to be someone...

I see GBLT people as brave, important people. I may be the only, but showing a depressed mood to the young ones trying hard, will discourage them and make them wanna die for being different.

Mature up people, stop hurting yourself and try to find something to do with your life, it's getting real boring your depression, it's getting on my nerves. Mature up. don't complain. Go on, fight. For god's sake. Block the arrows coming to kill you instead of pushing them in.

What a splendid image of GBLT we are giving the world, Oasis, wow.
Mature up. ( And i don't forget, me too. )


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Of course people read what you write

I agree with you that some people who are depressed could probably (with some effort) get out of it. But i guess because they ARE depressed they don't see why they should, or aren't motivated to try. I don't think i've ever been depressed (the odd "i feel like shit and wanna cry" days have come around) so i can't really say "Get off your butt and exercise, then you won't feel like this" But for sure, if you're just feeling down, don't immediately think you're suffering from a serious depression. I agree with Darkest Dream, it's not helping people when it seems like everyone on here is depressed...but then again, if you are depressed then i'm really glad that you have somewhere like Oasis to come and let it out, and i hope that you have people to talk to on here that are going through the same thing...with a bit of support, i'm sure there'll be brighter days ahead for you :)

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So Damn True

Here again, dear friend, you're right all the way !
I cannot explain this though. i guess GLBT youth comes here to let go of everything concerning their sexuality because usually they dont all go yelling it to everyone. they try to hide it cuz they're afraid, which I can understand very well, I'm part of this. but you know, there will always be people who wont like you, that you're gay or straight wont cahnge anything about that. If theres someone picking on you cuz you're not straight, that's because they already didnt like you and use this as an excuse for beating you up or treating you like sh*t. Which is not right, but still this is what happens sometimes. When people like you or love you, maybe they dont accept it the second they know, but they will eventually. It might take time. How much time did it take you to accept yourself ? Be empathic, it takes time for them too. But mostly, people dont know much about gays and that kinda stuff so they're afraid and everyone knows that fear ends up leading to hate and pain and all that. I guess that's part of why GLBT youth is complaining about.

As for why everyone depresses.... big question of life I say !
I think sometimes people dont understand how life is short. I've been in real shity situations and hell ! I haven't give up ! Why should people think such things ? I used to cut, and trust me I'm not proud. I felt stupid so I cut myself and now I realise it was the stupidest thing I've ever done. And it haunts me cuz I see the scars everyday, some will never leave my body and i hate it. you dont know how much pain you're getting yourself into when you start doing that, or drinking or smoking drugs or whatever ! its all the same.
And tell me, who here can say they had a bad sickness ? Guess what, I have AIDS. Do i sit on my butt saying : Oh God why ? Why do I have to be sick ? Why do I have to die of AIDS ?
Everyone will die someday and if i'm to die sooner, then trust me I wont waste my days thinking about why i'm sick or why am I continuing to live and I'll just live my goddamn days and have fun so I dont have regrets when i die...

anywayz !
I agree with you DD, just as always !
take care, love ya
~ Gotta be RR ! ~

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what about...

what about the people who don't have a leg or an arm or something?

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Your post really scares me.

Cutting and depression are not signs of immaturity, they are signs of personal difficulty. It is viewpoints like that that make the problems hard to deal with.

Do you want to know the main reason people commit suicide? Because they think there is nobody out there that feels like they do, nobody that understands what they are going through.

Sure, people can pretend to be what they are not, can pretend to be happy with their lives, but what if they are not? You're pretty much saying, we can't appear depressed because then other people will become depressed.

Real depression is not contagious. Real depression is so pervasive that you just can't see anything else but a great shroud of darkness around yourself.

And if we discount those people who feel depressed by calling them immature for feeling depressed, does that not just exacerbate the situation?

From what I can see, people seek out this site because they are already unhappy, and if we can show them that they are not the only people who have difficulty dealing with their sexuality, then that is showing strength.

The diversity on this site shows people who are at different stages along the continuum from questioning to coming out. I can almost guarantee that there are only a very small percentage of these people who have not been unhappy at some time.

I do have to agree that those people who feign depression do not exactly help the situation, but if you have to pretend to be depressed to be heard, then that in itself is a cry for help.

You can choose to ignore people who say they are depressed, or you can choose to sympathise or empathise with them. But don't tell them that they don't have a right to be depressed.

The worst argument you can ever present a cutter with is 'don't cut, because cutting is stupid or immature.' You'll just make the person feel immature and useless rather than making them want to change.

Cutting is usually used as a way of gaining control over something. You have said in earlier posts that you used to cut. Did you give it up because you realised it was immature? Or did you give it up because you started to feel slightly better and realised you were actually aggravating the situation when you felt guilty for cutting? There is a difference between the two.

Middle-aged and elderly people cut and commit suicide, not because they are immature, but because they feel there is no other option. If you are depressed, feel free to tell other people, if you aren't depressed, you can show those people who are that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And this I say all in capitals (sorry TeeAhr1): NEVER MAKE SOMEBODY FEEL BAD FOR FEELING DEPRESSED, do you think they are not feeling bad enough?

This isn't a personal attack, it's just your point of view that I disagree, not you that I dislike. :)

"There are two kinds of people in this world; those who think there are two kinds of people and those that know better." Tom Robbins

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Shes not telling you to lie Shes telling you to post the happy

Shes telling you to post the happy
things ive noticed it too its seems that most post are just complains about everyday things, And if you dont have a leg or a arm them so what some people don't have that and more and you see them out there, special olympics? Plus dd we do read your stuff, ive seen you grow in this site and im very proud of that. Theres more people that join this site everyday and even more just being a guest and looking around so lets give them something to look for and read about. AND COMMENTS ARE A START.

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do0de where is your car?
-- F0ckerized.

You & Me baby ain't nothin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel =D
--A kidd

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i would attack you

except im in a really shit mood right now and cant be bothered. im gonna post a long depressing rant bout my dad now. "sorry".

also, some of us also don't believe in a god to thank for our misfortunes, not that i understood what you even meant in that paragraph, apart from applying your personal situations to all of ours as if it's relevant.

furthermore just because all or most people here will be GLBT youth doesn't make us all the same, it's not the only problem we all have in our lives, stop to think we're individuals who might have all kinds of other shit going on, completely unrelated to sexuality which we might have long ago accepted and embraced?

and if this comment isn't nice it's probably because i'm not nice, and boot me out if you all like, please, i like to make my mark before i destruct and leave things, as i have just discovered.

one thing i agree with, about not commenting, i even admit i don't often comment, not that i really mind when no one comments to my entries. but i can understand it irritating you... i guess it's not much of a community... but hey, that mirrors life eh. i wish i had time because i would like to comment.

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I was Angry

I was angry because my friends are so always depressed that i go mad. Seeing everyone depressed here agian amde me go mad, i'm sorry i said mean things i didn,'t mean it, i swear. That's why it was a rant.

it is true i forgot some things. People have the right to be depressed but... i don't know, i'm tired of being surrounded by it... you see, sometimes the reaons aren't enough. people do not make efforts. They don't... they just don't.

For people that miss a leg or a arm I meant that they were most of the time courageous, and they go on with life. I meant that lucky us with all of our body can do something more with our life than sitting on our butts depressed.

Yeah i used to cut. I stopped for a thousand reasons. I sometimes fall back into it. I'm not better than the ones i'ma ccusing. I'm one of them. It's just... What image it is giving? Yeah it's a sign of pain... yeah but sometimes it's not. Life is okay... many people live without it. How cna I make people understand that it's dangerous and can destroy them more than what actually is happening to them. I ranted... yes i did. I could not bear to see all these people hurting themselves and saying I don't know why, when they make the people around them more sad, or give them the taste to try. And it's not a good thing. Because it's dangerous for the health.

Sorry you can hate me. yeah i probably made people depressed even more feeling bad and probably made it all worse. but i still keep the hope that one, at least one person is going to wake up.

>> Am I Souless or only Blinded by Darkness? <<

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First off, of course people read your stuff. I'm sorry if I haven't commented enough--I'll try to do it more.

Second, thank you for posting this wake-up post. It is important to have something positive about depression on this site.

Third, I do understand the points others were making about how people should be supported when they are depressed. One way of support is posting positive posts, but one doesn't have to be happy all the time.

I think that people should try to find positive things in their lives as well as negative things. We all have both. We can post whatever of either we want here, but it may make people feel a little better to post something happy. :)

OK, so I'm not being very coherent or extremely opinionated one way or the other. I'm not quite sure what I'm thinking or saying anymore about this. So... DD, thanks for bringing up the whole subject, because I feel tired of everyone being depressed all the time, too. And sometimes people do need to let it out, as well, and this site is for all our feelings if we want it to be...

OK, I'm getting really lost in my own writing here. I'd better stop.

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I've had depression (diagnosed) since I was 15, though I had sucidal thoughts since I was 11. I am now 17. Not everyone sits on their ass and is depressed all the time. I am involved in many activites, have good parents, and go to a good school. I used to play volleyball, and still play soccer. I was in Girl Scouts, volunteered at a local hospital, and I used to play the clarinet, but I've been playing the oboe about three years.

Somehow my brain has a chemical imbalance. Sure, some people may not want to do anything, but that is caused by the depression. Some of us do try to get better. I've been in therapy for almost 2 years, and I believe that I still have a long way to go.

It isn't immaturity. Depression is an illness...

Ban ignorance damn it!

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being in a better mood now, i don't remember what i wrote (didnt look that far) but i probably didn't mean all of it. i do appreciate the point you're trying to make, and i know it does seem like some people let themselves spiral into depression without much of a cause, but i kinda think that's what it is. it doesn't need external factors for it to manifest, it's chemical. although i do have issues with excessive self pity and people who pride themselves on depression, which isn't something i'd accuse anyone here of doing, but a certain close friend of mine is like that, so i think i understand where you're coming from...
but yeah, the main thing was that i dont think that for half the depressive people here being gay is the only issues in their lives which is what you seemed to be insinuating was the cause of their depression... it's certainly not a factor for me, i take it over being straight anyday :D
anyway, yeah. point taken, no offence taken :)