Instead of the semi, us lowly sophomores went contra dancing...

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So I was contra dancing again last night (without all the juniors and seniors, because they were at the semi--including Alan and Kate--so it was only me and Alan's old girlfiend, who I don't feel like making up a name for right now...). It wasn't as much fun without the usual upperclassmen crowd, but it was OK. OK, so maybe I missed flirting with the guys from our group, and I always had to find someone to dance with when they weren't there. My problem was I really wanted to ask the girls to dance. There were so many pretty girls there! I couldn't stop looking at one... Anyway, I couldn't really ask one to dance because:

1. I didn't know any of them.
2. There were enough guys to dance with--I would have been conspicuous.
3. I didn't know how to dance the guy's part, and I couldn't expect the girl to.

I mean, the folk crowd is pretty accepting of queerness, but I'm not ready to come out yet. Though I did feel like shouting every now and then "Is anyone here a lesbian?" Though I didn't.

Hmm... I'm not quite sure what to do about this problem. I always had some attraction to guys at dances before. Tonight there weren't many cute, young guys, so maybe that's it. But I distinctly remember a dance last fall where I was noticing girls and guys and thought, "I love being bisexual!"

Oh well, I guess those days are going now...


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Going dancing is always fun, it makes us happy and give sus the chance to look to everybody around!

but you know, it's kinda hard to find another person bi or lesbian because i think they all think the same. That's the best thing in coming out, they know you're disponible, but when you're not out, of course it's complicated.

but still, there is plenty of time to prepare little speeches to ask someone to dance for the next time ^_^
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Yeah, it's a problem. But I'll get past my shyness and closetedness eventually... :)