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Im a lesbian, yeah, but lately I have liked Cody and we have talked(He called me!) Anyways does that make me straight again? I am just recovering from a horrible, horrible break up with my ex girlfriend because she moved and said it wouldn't work out being so far apart. So i haven't really been looking for a relationship, but here is Cody all cute and sweet...Im seriously confused, i was going to tell my parents about being a Lesbian as they do not know and I had been seeing my girlfriend secretly, but now Im thinking Im not and if I say something to my parents about being Lesbian and im not then its ruined and they think i am and this is confusing!
I just am seriously confused, im 15 now and i have had 1 boyfriend and 3 girlfriends, the boyfriend breakup made me realize I had no interest in guys in the first place...i barely kissed him and we 'went out' for almost a year...Well ill just be here, sitting in my room confused until i can figure this out :(


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Have you considered that you

Have you considered that you might be bi?

The way I look at sexuality is that there really aren't clear set labels...yes, I identify as bi... Anyway, I see sexuality as a gradient. There are those people that are straight and have no feelings at all for the same sex, those that are gay that have no interest in the opposite sex, and then there are all those people in between. Just because you identify as a lesbian, does not mean that you can't be attracted to males. I would take a lot of time to think about it...just remember...just because you like women, doesn't mean you can't like men.

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I have been considering the fact that I am bi. But to my parents thats as bad as Lesbian and Lesbain=death. They are VERY against lesbians/gays/bis/ and other races. They only like people who are white and straight, even though I was adopted. So even if i am bi, i gotta figure out a way to explain that to them.... Thanks for the comment