letter to send to your senators because the senate just started to re-examine the marriage "protection" amendment

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Tell your Senators that you oppose the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment."


Dear Senator,

As your constituent, I am writing to urge you to oppose the discriminatory, unnecessary, so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment."

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This amendment does nothing to "protect" marriage. Instead, it singles out a group of people for discrimination in the United States Constitution. The Constitution has always been used to guarantee rights and freedoms, not to take them away.

Further, this amendment would do real harm to same-sex couples and their children, who already do not enjoy the vast majority of benefits and protections that married couples enjoy.

I urge you to oppose this discriminatory amendment and to urge your colleagues in the Senate to focus on other issues that are priorities. I look forward to receiving your response.
troy moore
[Your address]